“Tokyo Zangyo” by Michael Pronko

In this latest full-blown thrill-ride, our favorite bringer of justice, Detective Hiroshi, is faced with a crime that focuses on a high-level manager in Japan’s premier media company dead who has been found dead in front of the headquarters’ building. Not taking long to find out what exactly occurred, Detective Hiroshi uncovers the slightly odd fact that the newly deceased manager fell from the roof at the exact same spot as an employee of the company did three years ago – a crime written up as a suicide. But was it? And even if it was, is the manager’s death suicide or was someone actually after the bigwig for some reason? … More “Tokyo Zangyo” by Michael Pronko

“Deeply Rooted Dreams” by Alexander Mukte

“Deeply Rooted Dreams” is the second book in the Rewired Series by Alexander Mukte. I did NOT forget Ori Clayborn. And anyone who read the first in this series, “The Recruiter” certainly has not forgotten him either. The first book was one that kept me, like all who read it, on the edge of their seats as a whole Mario Puzo-type drama with drug cartels and corrupt FBI agents unfurled. That book was also where we met up with Jessica, an investigative reporter who simply sets her focus on any assignment that’s given to her and then with skills and talent unveils the “bad guys” to the world.
More “Deeply Rooted Dreams” by Alexander Mukte

“The Hidden Saboteur” by Charles Besondy

“The Hidden Saboteur” is the first book in the Christian psychological thriller series by Charles Besondy. In this story, the focus is on Clay and how his past is affecting his current mental and emotional health. Themes of self-doubt, anger, and hostility are present, along with reconciliation and forgiveness interspersed to show that faith and belief in God can help you overcome the toughest of struggles. … More “The Hidden Saboteur” by Charles Besondy

“One Kingdom Under Heaven” by Alastair Luft

For those out there like myself, who consistently yearn for the “next great hero” to appear on the bookshelves of libraries, Alastair Luft is one author who provides that tenfold. And when it comes to this latest novel, “One Kingdom Under Heaven,” he not only offers up a cool spy/military hero with a determined mission, but also throws in a top-notch political and military thriller plot at the same time. … More “One Kingdom Under Heaven” by Alastair Luft

“Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato

“Somebody’s Watching You” is a highly engaging, gripping fictional thriller that follows the lives of Melody, a married woman who works as a designer, and her husband Jeff. Jeff falls into depression, something that is difficult for Melody to deal with. She engages a therapist to help her navigate through her new life of living with Jeff. Soon after, Jeff joins a cult-like church that begins indoctrinating him. … More “Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato