“Nonni in Japan: Around the World at 80 Years Old!” by Jon Svensson

Everyone dreams of visiting a country, and for Icelandic author Jon Svensson, who is often called “Nonni,” his “dream country” to visit was Japan. He was fascinated by Japan as a boy and learned everything he could about it as he grew up. It is when he is in his elderly years that he finally makes that dream come true, and his book, “Nonni in Japan,” is about his adventurous sailing trip to Japan, as well as his many experiences there. … More “Nonni in Japan: Around the World at 80 Years Old!” by Jon Svensson

“Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus” by Jonathan G. Dean

“Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus” is a deeply researched publication that attempts to impart understanding and knowledge relating to the existence of an extraordinary human being, Jesus of Nazareth. His personality, works, and words are the backbone of this meticulous read, as substantiated by the Canada-based researcher and award winner, Jonathan G. Dean. This book seeks to reconstruct beliefs and disintegrate confusing information and views about Jesus as professed by diverse religions such as Judaism, Christian, Islam and Buddhism. … More “Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus” by Jonathan G. Dean

“Saint Bedouin’s Fruits” by Johannes Cicek

“Saint Bedouin’s Fruits” by Johannes Çiçek is a compilation of various thoughts and counsel, focusing on the author’s purpose of “investigating and receiving the Holy Mysteries of Christianity.” Çiçek showcases various writing formats throughout his work, the reader will notice times of storyline, scripture verses from the Bible and hymns interjected, and informational/educational sections served as a commentary of the verses, songs, or other topics, such as biology, layers, senses, hormones, psychology, Christianity, evolution, etc. … More “Saint Bedouin’s Fruits” by Johannes Cicek

“Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again: Friddie’s Story” by Roni Rosenthal

Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again is an honest and extremely captivating story of Friddie and members of her family living in a pre-World War II world in Romania. With this book, the author has given readers a true and very engaging account of the horrible hardships that this family went through during a horrible time. … More “Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again: Friddie’s Story” by Roni Rosenthal

“The Orphan Carpenter” by Kenneth Ian McQuarrie

“The Orphan Carpenter,” while at first glance might be difficult to understand the meaning, is a story of one man’s life with the phrase “Faith, Hope, and Love” being the main tagline. Author Kenneth Ian McQuarrie records his life as one might do for a baby book or journal, but unlike the factual format of baby books and journals, McQuarrie includes details and doesn’t shy away from the intimate and vulnerable moments in his life that he deems important for readers to understand his purpose. … More “The Orphan Carpenter” by Kenneth Ian McQuarrie

“Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail: Volume II” by Ghlee E. Woodworth

Newburyport, Massachusetts, is a small coastal town just outside of Boston. Settled in 1635, its port was incorporated in 1764, officially making it Newburyport. At just 647 acres, Newburyport was the smallest town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, but as readers will quickly learn via the pages of “Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail: Volume II” this small-town packs a lot of history and achievements. So, as readers return to the banks of the Merrimack River in this second volume, we are taken through nine more walking history tours, showing us more of what Newburyport has to offer.  … More “Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail: Volume II” by Ghlee E. Woodworth

“Life Skills” by Marian K. Volkman

“Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Applied Metapsychology, 2nd Edition,” is part of the Explorations in Metapsychology five book series. In this updated edition, author Marian Volkman provides readers with steps to use to enrich the quality of their lives. This will help them relieve pain from past traumatic events and move forward into a more fulfilling life. The techniques presented will enable us to help ourselves and also improve our relationships. The Applied Metapsychology (AMP) techniques are person centered. It is up to the reader to do the work that is presented in the exercises. … More “Life Skills” by Marian K. Volkman

“All In With Love” by James Gardiner

Despite his sickly childhood—in and out of hospitals due to severe asthma—James (Jimmy) Gardiner wasn’t about to settle for anything less than greatness. As his boyhood hero proclaimed, Jimmy would “boldly go where no man has gone before” (well, sort of.) The young boy with a huge imagination found a way to manage the disease, leading to his interest in rowing and securing a position on the University of Rhode Island rowing team. But the stars in his eyes and the hunger for attention and external validation propelled Jimmy to head for New York to pursue acting. … More “All In With Love” by James Gardiner