“Perfectly Imperfect” by Darlene P. Winston

Gorgeous is the first word that fills my head when I sit down to write this review. I haven’t been into a book this much since I read “Waiting to Exhale” all the way back in 1992. Not because they share the same plot or storyline. It’s because that, like amazing author Terry McMillan did back then, this writer has created a book that’s fresh, dynamic, and awesome…to say the least. … More “Perfectly Imperfect” by Darlene P. Winston

An Interview with Linda Gould – Author of “Gilded Prisons”

Linda Gould is a career bureaucrat, now retired from the Department of Labor. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Western Maryland College and a masters degree in political science from American University in Washington, DC. Gilded Prisons is Linda’s sixth self-published novel. She previously published Secretarial Wars, The Rock Star’s Homecoming, Let’s Play Ball, Handmaidens of Rock, and Sycophants. … More An Interview with Linda Gould – Author of “Gilded Prisons”

“Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato

“Somebody’s Watching You” is a highly engaging, gripping fictional thriller that follows the lives of Melody, a married woman who works as a designer, and her husband Jeff. Jeff falls into depression, something that is difficult for Melody to deal with. She engages a therapist to help her navigate through her new life of living with Jeff. Soon after, Jeff joins a cult-like church that begins indoctrinating him. … More “Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato

“If It Rains” by Jennifer L. Wright

“If It Rains” is the story of two sisters, Melissa and Kathryn, whose bond is unbreakable. Melissa and Kathryn have been living in Oklahoma with their Pa during the time of the Dust Bowl. Melissa marries Henry Mayfield and moves from a dugout home to a grand house with walls that are sealed from the dust. Kathryn is still young and lives with a clubfoot, guilt over the death of her mother, and anger toward her stepmother Helen. … More “If It Rains” by Jennifer L. Wright

“Somebody Else’s Troubles” by J.A. English

“Somebody Else’s Troubles” by J. A. English is a love letter to culture. Drawing on his own intimate experiences with Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, this novel provides a portrait of the societal changes many towns and cities were forced to undergo during the 1970s in addition to bringing them on a trip to the beautiful island Mabuhay in the Caribbean. … More “Somebody Else’s Troubles” by J.A. English

“Nothing Simple or Easy” by Mark T. Sneed

“Nothing Simple or Easy” by Mark T. Sneed is a heartwarming story of how love can be found even in the least expected places and thrive against all odds. Jules Temple was raised by a single mother in the streets of Chicago. He lived in a rough neighborhood where people were killed for even the flimsiest reasons, and shootouts were common. Jules kept well out of crime despite having several friends who were members of gangs. … More “Nothing Simple or Easy” by Mark T. Sneed