“Still, the Sky” by Tom Pearson

I found “Still, the Sky” by Tom Pearson to be a remarkable piece of literary work. This book of poetry is based on Greek mythology, yet reflects the beauty, the ugly, and the good and the bad of raw human emotion in exquisite vocabulary organized in poetry form. The author retells mythological stories in different collections of poems which accumulate into one book-length poem. He does this so successfully that the book flows effortlessly from beginning to end in a celebration of literature, history, and human emotion. … More “Still, the Sky” by Tom Pearson

“Bag O’ Goodies” by Jolly Walker Bittick

A great collection of short stories and poems, this author has touched upon a variety of topics and themes. Calling up emotions and scenes that range from humor to drama; to scary neighbors, cool motorcycles, oddities and jocularities, writer Jolly Walker Bittick should be applauded for his ability to create and compile a menu that will have readers coming back for more. … More “Bag O’ Goodies” by Jolly Walker Bittick

“Scatter Seeds of Kindness” by K.A. Bloch

“Scatter Seeds of Kindness” comes as a true blessing. Not only is this author, K.A. Bloch, very talented at writing poetry that holds within each stanza all the emotions a person can feel (and, yes, this includes light, happiness, kindness, and love), Bloch also doesn’t center on one subject. In fact, this collection looks into a variety of subjects—some that are truly bothering us in this day and age, and others that remind us, no matter how difficult something may be, there is a way to have fun and be lighthearted simply by reading these words. … More “Scatter Seeds of Kindness” by K.A. Bloch

“Black Forest Dreams” by Joseph Kuhn Carey

One place I have always wanted to visit is the Black Forest, so I was happy to come across “Black Forest Dreams: A Journey through Germany” by Joseph Kuhn Carey. The first poem in the book bears the title of the book and it grabbed me by the hand and took me far away from where I sat to experience the place I longed to visit for many years, the author’s words being words my magic carpet. … More “Black Forest Dreams” by Joseph Kuhn Carey

“Your Sun Will Rise Again: Poems of Hope and Survival” by Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur

“Your Sun Will Rise Again: Poems of Hope and Survival” is a volume of poetry with universal lessons of recovery and optimism. If you’ve ever felt low, alone…fearful, you will connect with these poems in a personal way. But besides the somber themes they address, this collection also inspires visions of hope and a brighter tomorrow. … More “Your Sun Will Rise Again: Poems of Hope and Survival” by Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur

“Tortillera: Poems” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier

This compelling collection of poems focuses on what it’s like to be a Cuban lesbian. When it comes to the word “tortillera,” it means lesbian, but as the poet explains in her works, this word is a loaded gun…a verbal assault. However, it doesn’t mean that the poet takes it to heart. She wears the label proudly, in fact, like a badge of honor. … More “Tortillera: Poems” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier

“I Am Here, Let’s Go Home” by Wayne Luthi

I was so excited to open this collection of poems because I am a HUGE fan of San Francisco. From the cool cable cars to what I consider to be the best NFL team out there (and, no, Cowboys fans need not send me bad letters about this), San Francisco is a large part of my soul. So I have to say I was truly excited to immerse myself in the collection of this man, Wayne Luthi, who did an immaculate job of bringing to life “The Golden City.” … More “I Am Here, Let’s Go Home” by Wayne Luthi