“Black Heart Words & Poems” by Nikki Rawnsley

“Black Heart Words and Poems” is a collection of forty-two poems by marketing business leader and prolific writer, Nikki Rawnsley. It is the first volume in Rawnsley’s anthology series. This bittersweet yet beautifully woven collection explores themes of love (in all its shapes and forms), desire, heartbreak, solitude, and nature. … More “Black Heart Words & Poems” by Nikki Rawnsley

“Antipodes” by J.C. Mehta

“Antipodes” is a delight for anyone with a flair for word play. As an admirer of poetry of all kinds, I found it impressive to have a body of work that strives to achieve an equal balance that evokes such powerful sentiment while adhering to a rigid structure.

One key theme is the author’s background as a Native American. From the opening piece “America de’Colonizer,” both the original version and its reflected antipode convey the destruction of colonization… … More “Antipodes” by J.C. Mehta

“Curtains” by John Anderson

“Curtains” is a book of poetry comprised of seven parts. Ranging from dark beginnings, to fighting back, messages of hope, love and how to find it, love and the return of politics, believers getting their fair share, and finally the death of a poet, there is a diverse variety in the emotions and contemplations brought to light as readers traverse the writings of author John Anderson.

Written amidst the backdrop of COVID-19, political unrest, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, these current events shine through in several of the sections compiled within. … More “Curtains” by John Anderson

MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Jo-Ann Vega, Author of Wolf Woman & Other Poems

Jo-Ann Vega is a published author and dynamic speaker with 30 years of experience designing, presenting, and evaluating learning programs for academic, business, and community groups. She has twenty years of experience as an adjunct, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on management and leadership.
She has 10 years of experience delivering ancestry and history programs as part of a University Lifelong Learning Institute and to community members. She incorporated what she learned about history and the Italian character into her memoir. She inaugurated a Celebrating Italian Americans Series program at a local library two years ago.

Recent publications include Wolf Woman & Other Poems [2022]; Moments in Flight: A Memoir [2021]. Lifewriting essays, Serendipity, and Empathy in the Time of Covid [Volume 21 and Volume 22 of Story Circle Network’s Annual Real Women Write Anthology, 2021-2022]. Several poems published: Musings, Then & Now, Awaken, and In Remembrance. Awaken, a poem, is scheduled to appear in Wild Librarian Press’ Anthology [2023].

Jo-Ann Vega lives with her life partner and canine companion. … More MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Jo-Ann Vega, Author of Wolf Woman & Other Poems

“Fractures” by Carlos Andrés Gómez 

“Fractures” by Carlos Andrés Gómez is a deep, moving, and unsettling collection of poetry that touches on some of the most urgent issues that permeate our society from the past, to the present, and into the future.

The opening piece reflects on the police shooting of Michael Brown Jr., and the sentiment that he cannot protect his family from potential harm in an unjust, racist world. This prelude is just a taste of what’s to come. … More “Fractures” by Carlos Andrés Gómez 

“Drawing Close, Encountering Joy” by Janice E. Kirk

“Drawing Close, Encountering Joy” by Janice E. Kirk is the missing link found in all the different ways man has found to pray to their maker. The book is a perfect tool to connect with God through his gifts to us. To recognize Him within what surrounds us instead of looking for Him far away in the heavens. The author does this by presenting a compilation of psalms, prayers, poems, and meditations, reflecting and elevating the beauty and grace of God found in nature. Through the written words and sketches, readers will discover a refreshing way to pray, to be grateful, to get inspired, and to energize their soul. … More “Drawing Close, Encountering Joy” by Janice E. Kirk

“Clouds: love poems from above the fray” by Jon Meyer

In this new collection, Jon Meyer presents his poetry alongside pictures of the place that inspired it, complemented with fun facts about the place, picture, or the inspiration for the poem. What is new in this new collection is that Meyer went international and black and white!

The book is structured by country and region, featuring 10 countries, the US being the last one and including features from 9 states. Once again, I was captivated by the overall experience of the photography, poems and inside scoop pages. Except this time, the black and white pictures added a mystifying effect to the journey. My favorite places visited were Chile, Nepal, Norway, Israel, California, and Maine. What do all these places have in common? Clouds! … More “Clouds: love poems from above the fray” by Jon Meyer

“No Unpaid Passengers” by Pam R. Johnson Davis

Saturated with emotional rawness and heartfelt prose, “No Unpaid Passengers” is a poetry text written by award-winning poet, Pam R. Johnson Davis. With a richness of raw energy and metaphors that help articulate what often is hard to put into words, this collection spins across subjects such as the joy of new beginnings, hope, loneliness, longing, nostalgia, love, racism, death, and friendship, Davis’ voice ensures an unparalleled lyricism that is bound to reach into the inner depths of any reader’s soul. … More “No Unpaid Passengers” by Pam R. Johnson Davis

“Wolf Woman & Other Poems” by Jo-Ann Vega

A good poet is able to take the ordinary from everyday life and turn it into something we get to see in a brand new way. That is exactly what Jo-Ann Vega does in her book, Wolf Woman & Other Poems. It’s a small collection of poems that span fifty years of the poet’s life, so rich, beautiful and provocative that it is as though you know the poet well by the time you get to the end of the book. She shares memorable points of her life in this book – death, love, separation, etc. – and the reader is treated to verse that captures the beauty, ugliness, disparity and ultimate glimpses of hope through beautiful verse. … More “Wolf Woman & Other Poems” by Jo-Ann Vega