“Songs for Solo Voice” by James R. Whitley

“Songs for Solo Voice,” is a beautifully composed collection of poetry written by a very talented award-winning author. Readers who enjoy contemplative works will enjoy his work. I enjoyed being able to reflect and relate to each piece.   … More “Songs for Solo Voice” by James R. Whitley

“Bad Indian: Poems” by JC Mehta

“Bad Indian: Poems,” by J.C. Mehta, is the perfect companion piece to her coming-of-age novel, “You Look Something.” This collection of poems touches the uncertainty, vulnerability, and longing to fit in that is inside all of us, but mostly expresses thoughts and emotions most of us can never understand unless we ourselves experience them–of being an outsider and insider at the same time, of being different even though you belong to a group, of not being just one thing of being both, neither, or something in between. … More “Bad Indian: Poems” by JC Mehta

Storm by Deb Grant

During the ten years I lived in South Florida, I went through many hurricanes. Some just brushed off but others seemed to aim at us. It is no surprise I gravitated to “Storm” by Deb Grant! I was moved, and happy to finally find words to feelings, and experiences I lived through once too many, whether by finding myself in middle of the storm or helping loved ones through the aftermath of a storm. … More Storm by Deb Grant