“Strands of Struggle” by Brenda Christie

For me, poetry has always been a large part of the writing world. In addition, it will always remain the most difficult. I say this because the ones who can master this skill have to do so by putting a story, a ton of emotions, and a moral all together in a very short amount of time. … More “Strands of Struggle” by Brenda Christie

“How to Feed a Horse” by Janice Dewey

“How to Feed a Horse” is now the fourth book of poetry that caused me to absolutely love the imagination of the author. Not only does Janice Dewey have a strong voice that comes through loud and clear, she also has a wry attitude and offers up lines that can cause a smile to form on your face in less than a second. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, this poet’s tune was sung extremely well when it came to the ‘showing’ of animals, as well as describing the relationships that occur between humans and nature – the bonds that are formed and how we can understand each other better with just her words or a simple action. … More “How to Feed a Horse” by Janice Dewey

“Notes on the Train” by Loreen de Kort

“Notes on the Train” by Loreen de Kort is a book of contemporary sonnets describing the author’s inner struggle with depression and the ups and downs in life. Written in the form of notes while riding on a train, this book takes the reader on a journey in more ways than one. The sense of travel pervades the script and sets a tone for reaching one’s goal in the end, keeping readers turning the pages for the next revelation. … More “Notes on the Train” by Loreen de Kort

“Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man” by H.T. Manogue

As a reader who likes many genres, I have to say “Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man” by H.T. Manogue was not one that could be “classified;” reason being, every page is filled with a wealth of surprises. Yes, the tales, phrases, stanzas—all are filled with emotion, but they also delve into science, religion, and offer almost paranormal viewpoints … More “Just an Old Fashioned Love Song Meets Stoic Man” by H.T. Manogue

“Bad Indian: Poems” by JC Mehta

“Bad Indian: Poems,” by J.C. Mehta, is the perfect companion piece to her coming-of-age novel, “You Look Something.” This collection of poems touches the uncertainty, vulnerability, and longing to fit in that is inside all of us, but mostly expresses thoughts and emotions most of us can never understand unless we ourselves experience them–of being an outsider and insider at the same time, of being different even though you belong to a group, of not being just one thing of being both, neither, or something in between. … More “Bad Indian: Poems” by JC Mehta