Meet the Author! Getting to Know Colleen Millsteed, Author of “Battle Angel”

Meet the Author!

Colleen Millsteed has been writing poetry most of her life, as she found it a productive way to deal with her emotions, beginning in her teen years. Poetry has been her go-to when life gets a little tough and it is through these hard times that she polished her skills and her writing has evolved. … More Meet the Author! Getting to Know Colleen Millsteed, Author of “Battle Angel”

“Who Am I: Mending a Lost Identity” by Anvil Long

Imagine unearthing a shocking secret, one so terrifyingly dark it changes the very fabric of your being. Everything you’ve ever believed to be true is a farce. This was the author’s plight when he discovered how he was conceived—through a ruthless rape. The author, who goes by Anvil Long, was gutted by this unfortunate truth. He felt like an imposter; how could he carry on? … More “Who Am I: Mending a Lost Identity” by Anvil Long

“Unspoken Emotions” by Jayda Addleton

“Unspoken Emotions” is a labyrinthine poetic mosaic by Poet Jayda Addleton that fleshes out complex intertwined themes of childhood, love, loss, anxiety, trauma, depression, eating problems, and abuse, among others. The text begins with a memorable prologue that offers striking information on the themes and subjects present in the collection. Some entries are long, such as Chasing the Time and Live in a Castle and others appear as short contemplations about life, like For my Sisters and Dr. Smile. Altogether, the diction of each jewel box varies according to the topic being discussed. … More “Unspoken Emotions” by Jayda Addleton

“Battle Angel” by Colleen Millsteed

Sorrow, heartache, and battling relentless demons can, unfortunately, tear a woman down. She can feel bogged down by the adversity that seems to come at her in all directions. But she must raise her fists and summon her inner strength to rise above and overcome her plight. This compelling collection of soul-stirring, empowering poems have been written to inspire you and pull you out of your proverbial rut. In moments of pure agony, do the most loving thing possible and wrap yourself in love, straighten your crown, and let these poems unleash the goddess within. … More “Battle Angel” by Colleen Millsteed

“The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

Enne Baker possesses a creative mind and an original perspective of the world. His poetry style is descriptive, which I find appealing since it allows me to clearly imagine the environments and situations he has experienced. He expresses how various sensations affect his body and mind through small ideas, which makes it easy to empathize with his words. What I appreciate the most about his work is the honesty and realism in his verses. He openly shares his pain without the fear of being judged, and he acknowledges that some emotional wounds take time and effort to heal. … More “The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

“Black Heart Words & Poems” by Nikki Rawnsley

“Black Heart Words and Poems” is a collection of forty-two poems by marketing business leader and prolific writer, Nikki Rawnsley. It is the first volume in Rawnsley’s anthology series. This bittersweet yet beautifully woven collection explores themes of love (in all its shapes and forms), desire, heartbreak, solitude, and nature. … More “Black Heart Words & Poems” by Nikki Rawnsley

“Antipodes” by J.C. Mehta

“Antipodes” is a delight for anyone with a flair for word play. As an admirer of poetry of all kinds, I found it impressive to have a body of work that strives to achieve an equal balance that evokes such powerful sentiment while adhering to a rigid structure.

One key theme is the author’s background as a Native American. From the opening piece “America de’Colonizer,” both the original version and its reflected antipode convey the destruction of colonization… … More “Antipodes” by J.C. Mehta

“Curtains” by John Anderson

“Curtains” is a book of poetry comprised of seven parts. Ranging from dark beginnings, to fighting back, messages of hope, love and how to find it, love and the return of politics, believers getting their fair share, and finally the death of a poet, there is a diverse variety in the emotions and contemplations brought to light as readers traverse the writings of author John Anderson.

Written amidst the backdrop of COVID-19, political unrest, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, these current events shine through in several of the sections compiled within. … More “Curtains” by John Anderson

MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Jo-Ann Vega, Author of Wolf Woman & Other Poems

Jo-Ann Vega is a published author and dynamic speaker with 30 years of experience designing, presenting, and evaluating learning programs for academic, business, and community groups. She has twenty years of experience as an adjunct, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on management and leadership.
She has 10 years of experience delivering ancestry and history programs as part of a University Lifelong Learning Institute and to community members. She incorporated what she learned about history and the Italian character into her memoir. She inaugurated a Celebrating Italian Americans Series program at a local library two years ago.

Recent publications include Wolf Woman & Other Poems [2022]; Moments in Flight: A Memoir [2021]. Lifewriting essays, Serendipity, and Empathy in the Time of Covid [Volume 21 and Volume 22 of Story Circle Network’s Annual Real Women Write Anthology, 2021-2022]. Several poems published: Musings, Then & Now, Awaken, and In Remembrance. Awaken, a poem, is scheduled to appear in Wild Librarian Press’ Anthology [2023].

Jo-Ann Vega lives with her life partner and canine companion. … More MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Jo-Ann Vega, Author of Wolf Woman & Other Poems