“The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers” by Ruth Finnegan

 Honestly, this work of non-fiction reads more like a revamped anthropology textbook than I would have expected. But within its pages are hidden jewels of interesting facts, vivid personal stories, historic information, and a host of fun tidbits about the art of taxi driving. … More “The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers” by Ruth Finnegan

“Hitler’s Maladies and Their Impact on World War II” by Tom Hutton

Tom Hutton, MD, Ph.D., is a groundbreaking, in-depth examination of ancestry, physical ailments, and psychological mindset behind history’s most infamous killer. The information within offers a broad survey into the complexity of Hitler’s personality, paired with the research backed by an expert in the clinical neurological medical field. The traditional review of the nature versus nurture psychology is touched on, with the addition of updated medical and scientific findings for a fresh approach to clinical diagnosis. Respectfully, Dr. Hutton’s research does not make excuses for the cruelty and prejudices Hitler’s regime afflicted upon the world but confirms both physical and mental illness as a catalyst to the relentless drive and ultimate downfall of an unstable being. … More “Hitler’s Maladies and Their Impact on World War II” by Tom Hutton

“The Secret Files” by Michael Hayes

“The Secret Files” by Michael Hayes takes an in-depth look at the New York Police Department (NYPD) and former mayor, Bill de Blasio’s dealings with the NYPD before and during his time as mayor. There were major national scandals about how the NYPD dealt with its citizens, and with those scandals came talk about police reform. De Blasio made promises to New York City residents in order for him to get elected as mayor, which hurt his relations with the NYPD union. … More “The Secret Files” by Michael Hayes

“The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” by William N. Brown

“The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” is a collection of 20 stories about Chinese people who have risen from poverty to have successful careers. The stories are told through interviews with Professor Brown, an American business professor at Xiamen University in Fujian province. Brown has taught in China since the late 80s. … More “The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” by William N. Brown

“Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels: A Field Guide to Identifying Political Buffoons” by Gene Berardelli

In “Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels” by New York Election Law specialist Gene Berardelli, readers are treated to a rare exposition of trenchant criticisms and indomitable harsh realities regarding the world’s evolving political scenery where millions of individuals have felt the painful prick of deceit and manipulation by leaders who act foolish and witless, in an aim to win the electorate over.

Berardelli begins by defining the term “buffoon,” a term that forms the basis of his work. He feels that since the term had been reserved for people whose ridiculous behavior is a source of amusement to others, politicians who have set themselves to act as such rightfully deserve to be called by it. The candid musings spin with practical analysis of popular and influential leaders, an aim set to help readers identify and rate buffoonery in an individual, a trait that research has revealed exists in everyone but to a higher degree in politicians. … More “Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels: A Field Guide to Identifying Political Buffoons” by Gene Berardelli

“The Trump Diaries 2024” by Barry Robbins

“The Trump Diaries 2024,” is the fourth book in the Oh Daddy Chronicles series by author Barry Robbins.

 The diary was found in the ashes after Mar Lago burned down and The Donald disappeared. Taking place in the future, it contains over eighty satirical diary entries that cover from January 1, 2024, to November 1, 2024. It is mostly written by a woke translator who is also referred to as “The Chronicler-in-Chief.” He translates Trump’s writings into a more easily readable format. The Donald had to cover for him on a couple of days where he had to miss work due to illness. Much has changed between now and these events in the future. Melania and Ivanka have left to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Melania is also the head housekeeper for Pelosi. Little Barron Trump never makes an appearance. Putin is doing time breaking rocks in prison. Pete Buttigieg makes a few appearances, as does DeSantis, Sanders, Conway, Thomas, and Psaki. Other entertaining topics covered include smoothies, box sixteen of the fifteen boxes of missing documents, plumbing issues at Mar a Lago, and Trump’s harmonic lessons. … More “The Trump Diaries 2024” by Barry Robbins

“America’s Loveless Age” by Noel Terry

Never before has politics influenced our love lives this intimately. As Donald Trump climbed into power, Trumpism swept over the U.S.A. and swiftly divided the population. From the blatant misogyny to intellectual incompetence to questionable practices that plague his character as a leader, his candidacy began as a joke to many — until his win suddenly became no laughing matter. … More “America’s Loveless Age” by Noel Terry

“The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary” by Oscar Phillips

Like a voice in the wilderness, author Oscar Phillips has been seeking to enlighten and encourage others in his local arena for years. A self-proclaimed “political junkie,” Mr. Phillips has sought political views from both the left and right. He wrote his first opinion piece for the local paper in 1996, in response to a town forum on racism. This book includes many of his op-eds since then along with essays on topics as far-ranging as college campus liberalism, feminism, constitutionalism, social programming, the LGBTQ community, Christians, Jews, social values, and even Jane Fonda’s Vietnam years. Throughout the book, Mr. Phillips focuses on the key differences between socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, and democracy. … More “The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary” by Oscar Phillips

“We the Presidents” by Ronald Gruner

“We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century,” by author Ronald Gruner, explores the fascinating line of the Presidents of the United States of America. The author goes into great detail, starting with Presidents Warren G. Harding all the way to Donald H. Trump, from the year 1921 to the present date; over 100 years of this country’s leadership! … More “We the Presidents” by Ronald Gruner