“Stalker Stalked” by Lee Matthew Goldberg

Pharmaceutical rep Lexi Mazur is distraught when her boyfriend Steve dumps her. Accusing him of cheating on her, he immediately expresses distaste about her current behaviors, including her increased consumption of a pharmaceutical drug she should be selling to doctors, not imbibing herself. The breakup throws Lexi into a pit of despair. Engaging in obsessive, stalking behavior, she begins madly watching episodes of a reality show and showing up where she knows the show will be filmed so that she can stalk one of the main characters. When Lexi is ridiculed by this character, she sets out to destroy her. All the while, Lexi increases her pill intake. She also realizes that she is being stalked. As time passes and Lexi’s obsession with the reality series drama grows, her stalker ups his game. But, she isn’t completely sure whether she is really being stalked or her pills are altering her perception of reality. Lexi is in grave danger, but she must figure out if her enemy is another person or appearing from within herself. … More “Stalker Stalked” by Lee Matthew Goldberg