“First Generation Father” by Anthony Blankenship

“First Generation Father: How to Build a Healthy and Happy Home When You Come From a Broken One” by Anthony Blankenship, is a moving force to mend broken hearts from broken homes. Part memoir, part self-help, this author speaks from a place of authority, as he survived a turbulent childhood of violence, poverty, and a broken home. … More “First Generation Father” by Anthony Blankenship

“Flawed and (Still) Worthy by Allie Brazas

Flawed and (Still) Worthy Allie BrazasLioncrest Publishing (2019)ISBN: 9781544506074 Reviewed by Colette McNeil for Reader Views (12/2020)5*A Very Worthy Read! “Flawed and (Still) Worthy: Owning Your Journey and Embracing Your Flaws” shares the winding and often treacherous path that Alley Brazas found herself traversing throughout roughly, a decade of her young adult life. Beginning her … More “Flawed and (Still) Worthy by Allie Brazas

“Understanding the Challenge of NO for Children with Autism” by Colette McNeil

An amazing self-help book that explores what concepts and meanings the word “No” can have in the daily lives of children with Autism. Designed to improve relationships and communication, this little book is packed with real-life scenarios and advice to help lessen the tension and burden of the word “no” for children, parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, relatives, and other significant people in the child’s world. … More “Understanding the Challenge of NO for Children with Autism” by Colette McNeil

“Get Money Do Good” by J.D. Vermaas

“Get Money Do Good,” by Drs. Jodi and Garry Vermaas, is the memoir/biography of multi-millionaire humanitarians/social justice warriors who practice what they profess. They are the parents of thirteen children, (two biological, eleven adopted). Some were rescued from child trafficking or destitution, while others have a different story. This remarkable couple tells the story of how it all happened, how they opened their hearts, minds, and bank accounts to help children have a chance in life. … More “Get Money Do Good” by J.D. Vermaas

“And I’ll Never Love Him Less” by Candy Abbott

“And I’ll Never Love Him Less: Book 2: The Rest of the Story,” by Candy Abbott, is a follow-up to her book, “I’ve Never Loved Him More,” in which she tells the journey of her life with her husband, Drew, after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. In this sequel, the author indeed tells the rest of the story, with great poignancy, humor, and care. This book is more than a memoir or a self-help guide relating to Alzheimer’s and caregiving. It’s a love story. A true romance that stands the test of time, and the test of illness. … More “And I’ll Never Love Him Less” by Candy Abbott