“Jesus and Muhammad: 2 Rays Of The Same Light” by Karim Shabazz

“Jesus and Muhammad: 2 Rays Of The Same Light” by Karim Shabazz is an intellectually stimulating examination of the similarities between Jesus Christ’s revelations and the prophet, Muhammad’s teachings. … More “Jesus and Muhammad: 2 Rays Of The Same Light” by Karim Shabazz

“Mother’s Gift” by John W. Cranford

John Cranford was motivated to write down the legacy his mother left to him and his siblings. She was a woman of integrity. He begins “Mother’s Gift” with a little background information. The readers learn that his mother, Evelyn, was born and raised in Twiggs County, Georgia. Her small community was where she learned to work hard and live strongly. … More “Mother’s Gift” by John W. Cranford

“What is Consciousness?” by Vipin Gupta

Vipin Gupta’s “What Is Consciousness? The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation” is a unique, introspective analysis of the nature of the human mind and our ability to perceive the world around us, make decisions and engage in critical thinking, and, overall, an investigation into what truly makes us ‘aware.’  In essence, how do humans use their conscious minds and thoughts to fill the “void” that is our futures, while all the while unknowingly limiting ourselves and prospects in the process. … More “What is Consciousness?” by Vipin Gupta

“ORBS: The Energy Around Us” by Sandy Mayberry

In 2013, Ms. Mayberry captured her first large orb in one of her photos. Not knowing exactly what this anomaly was or why it happened, she set out on a physical and spiritual journey to find some answers. Along the way, she was met by plenty of skepticism, but she did not let that discourage her on her continued journey of knowledge and answers. … More “ORBS: The Energy Around Us” by Sandy Mayberry

“Weekly Soul” by Frederic C. Craigie Jr.

Within “Weekly Soul,” Dr. Craigie wishes to get his audience thinking about topics such as how to live a good life, what is sacred/matters, suffering and woundedness, finding joy, finding hope in difficult circumstances, and how to make a difference in the world. Each of these topics will allow the reader a better chance of enjoying a joyful, meaningful, and peaceful life … More “Weekly Soul” by Frederic C. Craigie Jr.