“Building with Discarded Stones” by Timothy Stephen Buckley

“Building With Discarded Stones” is a profound and illuminating text by the author of “As You Love Your Self,” Timothy Stephen Buckley. The book focuses on Buckley’s experiences and the lessons he learned at L’arche and Faith and Light, two private voluntary organizations where people with intellectual disabilities find friendship and belonging. … More “Building with Discarded Stones” by Timothy Stephen Buckley

“Pilgrimage: A Doctor’s Healing Journey” by Donna Chacko

“Pilgrimage: A Doctor’s Healing Journey” is Dr. Donna Chacko’s account of her difficult marriage and the loss of her first husband. Seemingly successful in her career as a radiation oncologist, wife, and mother to a family of beautiful, high-achieving daughters, no one would have guessed the turmoil going on inside Donna’s home. … More “Pilgrimage: A Doctor’s Healing Journey” by Donna Chacko

“Revelation Through Science” by James G. Martin

“Revelation Through Science” is an educational exploration of scientific discoveries and their correlation with biblical creation. Many people often think science and faith can’t be mixed because one is based on facts and the other based on stories. James G. Martin is a scientist who believes differently. … More “Revelation Through Science” by James G. Martin

“Transcending Darkness” by Denise Brown

A compelling memoir of childhood abuse, neglect, and God’s incomparable guidance, love, and grace. This captivating story unfolds like a novel detailing every challenge the author and her younger sisters faced while enduring the hardships of a mentally ill mother and sister, poverty, and unthinkable physical and verbal abuse from both parents. … More “Transcending Darkness” by Denise Brown

“Christie’s Journey” by John R. Bain

“Christie’s Journey” follows the daughter of John Bain, who experiences a life-threatening medical emergency in 2019. Christie was a new mother, headed back to her job at the Red River Credit Union. She was looking forward to getting back to work, but like all new mothers, she was going to miss her time with Westin, her baby boy. … More “Christie’s Journey” by John R. Bain

“The Paranormal Christian” by Richard D. Lewis

“The Paranormal Christian” is well done. There are all kinds of parallels between the paranormal and Christianity and though it was a fun read, I have to admit that I read this book skeptically. I read it for perspective. I cannot say that I was reading the book hoping to be enlightened or shocked or transformed, but rather to try to connect the dots of things that intersected. … More “The Paranormal Christian” by Richard D. Lewis