“Boulder Girl” by Cynthia L. Clark

Newly divorced Lana Ross is anxious to finalize her divorce from Lucas, move on, and put the passionless marriage behind her. The successful editor has a comfortable life with a beautiful home and supportive friends, and she is still young enough to find new love if she chooses. Enter Vincent “Roadking” Romano, a successful businessman who is chivalrous and has a charming smile that makes Lana weak in the knees. The sparks are flying; could this be the beginning of something special? … More “Boulder Girl” by Cynthia L. Clark

“The Devil Inside” by Susan K. Hamilton

Forget the cute little angel and devil on your shoulder. Instead, imagine the angel and devil lusting for one another with a flaming desire that dances off the page. In “The Devil Inside” Author Susan K. Hamilton crafts a full working organization of angels and devils and the roles they play in our lives in this unforgettable, otherworldly romance. … More “The Devil Inside” by Susan K. Hamilton

“Some Don’t Come Back” by Don Meyer

Intriguing. Especially because it deals with both our current pandemic and the one from 1918. The concept is fascinating, having to consider whether life would be better 100 years ago than it is today. I had also wondered about this, but I did not see how it could have been a better time when there was no technology to help stay connected with family and friends. Back then, they had to deal with Prohibition, the Spanish Flu, the Great War, and the lack of technology. … More “Some Don’t Come Back” by Don Meyer

“The Brute and I” by Suzanne Smith

Alex and Marco have unwavering sexual chemistry and are deeply drawn to one another. But that type of animalistic lust can be dangerous—very dangerous. Along with an insatiable appetite for one another, the two are consumed by jealousy and deep-seated mistrust. Marco’s hot temper is unpredictable and almost costs Alex her life. Alex’s propensity for being emotionally unavailable has caused a heavy rift in their relationship. She believes that working on their issues apart is the only way to salvage what’s left of their broken relationship. If you love someone fiercely enough, you must be willing to set them free, right? … More “The Brute and I” by Suzanne Smith

“Wrightsville Beach” by Suzanne Goodwyn

“Wrightsville Beach” is a beautiful coming-of-age story of young love that falls victim to the trials of real life. From Hank’s tainted reputation he desperately wants to overcome, to Jess’ emotional rollercoaster of doubt and fear letting herself love and trust her heart, we feel every moment of their fraught relationship as it swells to the highest heights and then plummets to its darkest moments. … More “Wrightsville Beach” by Suzanne Goodwyn

“Dare Not Tell” by Elaine Aucoin Schroller

In “Dare Not Tell” Australian WWI veteran, Joe Parker, travels to France on holiday and has a chance encounter with a little boy named Jean-Luc, who is seemingly lost on the streets of Paris. Their meeting leads Joe Parker to meeting the boy’s godmother, Sophie Holt. A close friendship develops between Joe and Sophie, who’s a nurse at the American Hospital in Paris. Gradually, they develop feelings for each other but are forced to repress them, being that Joe is married and has a wife and son waiting for him back home in Australia. … More “Dare Not Tell” by Elaine Aucoin Schroller