“Of Dreams and Angels” by Jared Morrison

“Of Dreams and Angels” by Jared Morrison is filled with intense love and, unfortunately, tragedy. Protagonist, Joe Riley, is a 37-year-old successful businessman who has attained all he ever thought he would need in life. He has a fantastic job, considerable wealth and a stellar reputation in his industry. He didn’t bother himself with trivial things, like romance or fairytales, until one night when he experiences a strange dream. … More “Of Dreams and Angels” by Jared Morrison

“A Thing with Feathers by J. John Nordstrom

“A Thing With Feathers” takes me back to those novels reviewers used to categorize as “sweeping.” Why is that? Because every scene is written so deftly, so vividly, that I felt like I was quite literally standing by the side of the character at the time and living these moments with them. To say this is unforgettable would be an understatement. A litany of emotions are written to the nth degree; heartbreak, longing, hatred, tragedy – you name it, it’s in here. … More “A Thing with Feathers by J. John Nordstrom

“Comfort Zone” by Kimberly Fish

“Comfort Zone” by the award-winning author Kimberly Fish, is a highly entertaining and absorbing novel about Anna and Jack, who’s “running” eventually leads them smack into a brick wall that they, themselves, have built. But by letting a friendship grow, and working together with common interests, they find satisfaction in one another. … More “Comfort Zone” by Kimberly Fish

“Animal Attraction” by Kathryn Halberg

This romance really does have a lot going for it. It is paced well. The characters are interesting and make for a great triangle as they all have flaws and are not coming across as picture perfect. That makes the story seem more like real-life as opposed to some romance novels where everyone is rich, perfect, and have no worries whatsoever. The supporting cast is also very well-written; the females come across as being supportive of each other and truly caring instead of making that impression while quietly stabbing each other in the back. In many novels, this is the case, so these relationships between the characters seem truly genuine and a nice change from the normal. … More “Animal Attraction” by Kathryn Halberg

“The Night I Found You” by Noelle Bensen

To reveal a single detail would be revealing too many. What I can say is that when you look at the romance genre there are true masters of the art. (Nora Roberts, anyone?) With few exceptions, romance novels tend to follow the same “formula” that has been put in place for decades; they rarely take a mysterious turn or break away from the norm. … More “The Night I Found You” by Noelle Bensen

“Tennessee’s Whiskey” by L. Loren

“Tennessee’s Whiskey” is the first installment of the Whiskey collection by best-selling author, L. Loren. Weston Daniels, nicknamed Whiskey, was a man with a dark past. As a single father determined to give his son a normal lifestyle, Whiskey moves to Tennessee to start a new life and opens a high-end bar. One day, a gorgeous and confident woman walks into the bar hoping to get a job as a bartender. The customers take to her immediately as she sets foot in the place and Whiskey is only too happy to hire her. A steamy romance begins between them, but shortly after, their love is tested as Whiskey’s past comes back to haunt him. … More “Tennessee’s Whiskey” by L. Loren