“Fifty-Three Tuesdays” by GK Nakata

“Love can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes we go out searching for what we think we want and we end up with what we’re supposed to have.”- Kate McGahan.

There’s no place this saying fits best than in Author Nakata’s iconoclastic novel, “Fifty-Three Tuesdays”. At a young age, Glenn Forrester witnessed the brutality of his father firsthand and his mother’s consequent act of suicide. Even with these tragic memories eked in his mind, he works out a successful career with an upward trajectory to become a high-profile member of the mayor’s cabinet and his trusted advisor in community affairs. When he is suddenly outflanked by the sitting mayor and orders given not to have him employed within the city, he feels like a nobody at fifty-four years of age. … More “Fifty-Three Tuesdays” by GK Nakata

“The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

Still reeling over the crash and burn of her last relationship with a bad boy type, ER intern Kate finds herself caring for a long-haired, tattooed stranger who suffered a drug-induced affliction. Touching him makes every inch of her tingle, and she knows she should run (far away), but when he shows up a few months later at her friend’s dinner party, she can’t stop the magnetic pull of his brooding stare.

Kate is entirely too good for him: Fabian knows he should stick to his kind—self-destructive and damaged. Still, there’s something about Kate’s golden hair and the glimmer of mischief in her beautiful blue eyes he finds irresistible. He wants to give her the world, but his past always seems to find a way to ruin a good thing.

Will the fiery lust survive the stark differences in their lives? Read and find out. … More “The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

“Stranger in Love” by Teymour Shahabi

The highs and lows of dating are well detailed in this contemporary love story about Taylor and Jamie—two strangers who match on a dating app. Made up of exclusively texts and emails exchanged between the pair, the story comes to life as the reader peruses the messages—interpreting the tone and filling in the details where necessary. The author has cleverly kept the names androgynous, so readers can attach whatever gender they choose to the characters.

Are Taylor and Jamie truly a match? Will sparks fly, or will they swipe left and keep searching?

“Stranger in Love” by Teymour Shahabi is refreshingly unconventional—boasting an intriguing storyline with quirky but lovable characters whose playful banter transforms into meaningful conversation. It is a story that reflects our dependence on technology and one that will resonate with anyone who sought love through online dating. … More “Stranger in Love” by Teymour Shahabi

“Purity Found” by Jane Catherine Rozek

A slow-burn unique romance, “Purity Found” follows Kate as she distances herself from a troubled past in Oregon in the U.S.A. and stakes her claim in a rural backwoods community in British Columbia, Canada. A long way from home, she finds herself charmed by the “old-fashioned” slow pace but hardworking life — exemplified in the man she meets who will change her future, whom she describes to her mother as the strongest man she’s ever met, both mentally and physically. … More “Purity Found” by Jane Catherine Rozek

“Silhouette” by Paul G. Swingle

“Silhouette” by acclaimed writer and Psychologist Paul G. Swingle is an intelligently lucid novel that takes a keen look at the impacts of anxiety and depression through two fictional characters, Jim and Gladys. Jim, a widower and real estate lawyer with his private law firm, trudges through his days with little enthusiasm, and his only source of comfort is walking his dog, Gus, every night. Gladys, on the other hand, is a healthcare provider living alone in her apartment but struggling with feelings of depression and self-hate. … More “Silhouette” by Paul G. Swingle

“The Waxing Moon” by Elli Morgan

Okay, I have to admit that when I was offered this book to review, I immediately had the thought, “Oh boy, more vampires.” I believed that the topic, given books, movies, television shows, has been overdone, and I did not think we readers could get another of the same old thing and truly enjoy it. As has happened so many times to me, I was very happily surprised.

In “The Waxing Moon,” the main character is Lilah, a young woman who is living a very boring, normal, and at times depressing, life. Soon she has a surprise meeting with Cain, a very mysterious and gorgeous, you guessed it, vampire. Lilah has been dreaming of a new life, Cain is able to show her one, and their adventures begin. … More “The Waxing Moon” by Elli Morgan

“Finding Jane” by Elizabeth Conte

“Finding Jane” is a fascinating historical fiction book with a little sprinkle of fantasy, and it reeled me in from the beginning. It’s not often that I come across a book that intersperses romance and magic. But isn’t love profoundly magical? The answer is a resounding yes; thus, I thought the mystical element of time travel added another layer of intrigue to the love story. … More “Finding Jane” by Elizabeth Conte

“The Reluctant Scot” by Liz Fogleman

Baron Reynaud Graehm is a Norman warrior who has Scottish roots. Because of lies and treachery, he is not interested in claiming his Scottish heritage or the lands which are rightfully his. Scottish widow Catriona Dewar prefers her independence and has no desire to remarry. Intelligent and well read, despite her poor vision, she is also a secret advisor to a Scottish Laird. This laird relies on her to the point that he wants to ensure that she never wants to leave. She is also deceived into believing untruths that directly affect how she sees herself. Fate changes the day that Reynaud and Catriona accidentally meet each other. Their mutual attraction is obvious to all. Whether good or bad, they have a series of adventures that keep pulling them together. … More “The Reluctant Scot” by Liz Fogleman

“Teach Me Tonight” by Susan Coventry

Fellow teachers Lily Caldwell and Trey Garrison decide to team up as a faux-couple so that Lily not only has a date for her best friend’s wedding in January, but so that she can stick it to her possessive and toxic ex-boyfriend, Collin. The two young educators have spent their days teaching their respective subjects across the hall from each other for a few years now, and while friendly, had never acted on their mutual attraction to each other prior to their newfound arrangement.  As experience will show them, however, planning a fake relationship is easy enough in theory, but can get complicated when real feelings develop. … More “Teach Me Tonight” by Susan Coventry

“Boulder Girl” by Cynthia L. Clark

Newly divorced Lana Ross is anxious to finalize her divorce from Lucas, move on, and put the passionless marriage behind her. The successful editor has a comfortable life with a beautiful home and supportive friends, and she is still young enough to find new love if she chooses. Enter Vincent “Roadking” Romano, a successful businessman who is chivalrous and has a charming smile that makes Lana weak in the knees. The sparks are flying; could this be the beginning of something special? … More “Boulder Girl” by Cynthia L. Clark