“Honeymoon Alone” by Nicole Macaulay

A sweet romance! There is a good-natured humor that flows through this text. I laughed at the main characters inner thoughts about her appearance at the 80s themed wedding and how she looked like a bottle of grape soda in her purple bridesmaid dress with polka-dots. … More “Honeymoon Alone” by Nicole Macaulay

“All Flowers Bloom” by Kawika Guillermo

“All Flowers Bloom,” by Kawika Guillermo, is a time travel romance novel that brings freshness to the genre. It’s about the undying love of one soul for another, and the various ways they encounters each other during the many lives they live. This unique premise sets the stage for an unforgettable poetic odyssey of past lives. … More “All Flowers Bloom” by Kawika Guillermo

“When a Conscience Knocks” by James G. Skinner

“When a Conscience Knocks,” by James G. Skinner, is a grand love story wrapped in a novel of political intrigue. At its heart, the love story involves English teacher Jenny Robertson and Second Secretary to the Spanish Embassy, Juan Miguel Ochoa. Their first meeting over coffee ignites a romance and dedication of thirty years. … More “When a Conscience Knocks” by James G. Skinner