“Recovery Hardware” by Gina Schaefer

Most people who go into business have no idea what kind of experience it will turn out to be. For Gina Schaefer, it was the experience of a lifetime. In her book, “Recovery Hardware: A Nuts and Bolts Story About Building a Business, Restoring a Community, and Renovating Lives,” her experience owning a hardware store turned into one that transformed her life and those of others. This memoir shares her battle as a woman trying to find her footing (and respect) in a field dominated by men. It also shares how she managed to change the lives of so many people who were in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction simply by hiring them – thus the title, “Recovery Hardware.” … More “Recovery Hardware” by Gina Schaefer

“Over the Fence” by Debbie Schrack

Over a decade ago, six-year-old Katie Figg was abducted outside her home, never to see her family again. Now at seventeen—forced to go by the name Eve Anderson—she endures torture daily at the hands of “Papa,” her captor. The tortured girl lives with Papa and his partner “Mama” in a dilapidated house infested with cockroaches, bars covering the windows, and a tall, impenetrable fence shutting her from the outside world. Eve’s sole reason for surviving is to care for Honey, the four-year-old daughter she had with Papa. … More “Over the Fence” by Debbie Schrack

“Hitler’s Maladies and Their Impact on World War II” by Tom Hutton

Tom Hutton, MD, Ph.D., is a groundbreaking, in-depth examination of ancestry, physical ailments, and psychological mindset behind history’s most infamous killer. The information within offers a broad survey into the complexity of Hitler’s personality, paired with the research backed by an expert in the clinical neurological medical field. The traditional review of the nature versus nurture psychology is touched on, with the addition of updated medical and scientific findings for a fresh approach to clinical diagnosis. Respectfully, Dr. Hutton’s research does not make excuses for the cruelty and prejudices Hitler’s regime afflicted upon the world but confirms both physical and mental illness as a catalyst to the relentless drive and ultimate downfall of an unstable being. … More “Hitler’s Maladies and Their Impact on World War II” by Tom Hutton

“The Secret Files” by Michael Hayes

“The Secret Files” by Michael Hayes takes an in-depth look at the New York Police Department (NYPD) and former mayor, Bill de Blasio’s dealings with the NYPD before and during his time as mayor. There were major national scandals about how the NYPD dealt with its citizens, and with those scandals came talk about police reform. De Blasio made promises to New York City residents in order for him to get elected as mayor, which hurt his relations with the NYPD union. … More “The Secret Files” by Michael Hayes

“Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” by Valorie M. Allen

“No matter who is winning the debate about growth, we aren’t planning for that growth particularly well.” — Howard V. Hendrix, San Francisco Chronicle

October 31, 2011, marked a disturbing landmark for the planet as the global population exceeded seven billion people with this growth outpacing economic growth, causing the depletion of natural resources on a large scale and a fresh threat to the extinction of animal species. What does this mean for the world at large? Are there potential solutions for sustainable development or population control? … More “Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” by Valorie M. Allen

“Through Her Eyes” by Elisheba Fraiser

“Through Her Eyes” is a tragic tale of woe by Elisheba Frasier.

Melissa. Lish. Sammy. Three people caught up in a tangle of emotions that no one can unwind. Melissa is a young teen who is dealing with major depression and severe anxiety. Lish, her mother, is lost as to how to help her daughter. Sammy, her father, is a narcissistic jerk who does nothing but tear her down. I loved the character of Melissa, and I did resonate with her feelings about things and people. I did feel a bit sorry for Lish, because she’s doing her best, but it’s never enough. As far as Sammy goes, I felt absolutely nothing for him. He was much like my own father. As friends come and go in Melissa’s life, she learns more about herself and her mental health. This isn’t always a good thing. Her school is a misery; her home life is a disaster, at least in her eyes. … More “Through Her Eyes” by Elisheba Fraiser

“Fragile Minds” by Diane Lane Chambers

“Fragile Minds: An Advocate’s Story” by Diane Lane Chambers sheds light on how our Government’s legislature ties the hands of both families and healthcare facilities trying to help people with serious mental issues. Currently, a person can only be held for seventy-two hours for observation unless the patient themselves signs legal forms requesting care. After that period of time they are released back onto the streets despite being a danger to themselves or others. Ms. Chambers’ forty years of experience as a sign language interpreter has brought her to the front lines of this crisis. It is through her first-hand accounts the reader discovers the revolving door of untreated mental illness and governmental red tape preventing real results.   … More “Fragile Minds” by Diane Lane Chambers

“Unburdening” by Teresa Benitez

An abortion may end one life, but it can save another — Teresa’s story is the epitome of this.

A promising, “stellar” engineering student, her first abortion emerged as the result of youthful promiscuity. After unsuccessfully attempting to contact the father, she decided to terminate the pregnancy. The experience was traumatic and painful, but most of all, confusing. Though an educated young woman, she could barely understand the terminology and the medical jargon. … More “Unburdening” by Teresa Benitez

“The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” by William N. Brown

“The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” is a collection of 20 stories about Chinese people who have risen from poverty to have successful careers. The stories are told through interviews with Professor Brown, an American business professor at Xiamen University in Fujian province. Brown has taught in China since the late 80s. … More “The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” by William N. Brown