“Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” by Valorie M. Allen

“No matter who is winning the debate about growth, we aren’t planning for that growth particularly well.” — Howard V. Hendrix, San Francisco Chronicle

October 31, 2011, marked a disturbing landmark for the planet as the global population exceeded seven billion people with this growth outpacing economic growth, causing the depletion of natural resources on a large scale and a fresh threat to the extinction of animal species. What does this mean for the world at large? Are there potential solutions for sustainable development or population control? … More “Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” by Valorie M. Allen

“Through Her Eyes” by Elisheba Fraiser

“Through Her Eyes” is a tragic tale of woe by Elisheba Frasier.

Melissa. Lish. Sammy. Three people caught up in a tangle of emotions that no one can unwind. Melissa is a young teen who is dealing with major depression and severe anxiety. Lish, her mother, is lost as to how to help her daughter. Sammy, her father, is a narcissistic jerk who does nothing but tear her down. I loved the character of Melissa, and I did resonate with her feelings about things and people. I did feel a bit sorry for Lish, because she’s doing her best, but it’s never enough. As far as Sammy goes, I felt absolutely nothing for him. He was much like my own father. As friends come and go in Melissa’s life, she learns more about herself and her mental health. This isn’t always a good thing. Her school is a misery; her home life is a disaster, at least in her eyes. … More “Through Her Eyes” by Elisheba Fraiser

“Fragile Minds” by Diane Lane Chambers

“Fragile Minds: An Advocate’s Story” by Diane Lane Chambers sheds light on how our Government’s legislature ties the hands of both families and healthcare facilities trying to help people with serious mental issues. Currently, a person can only be held for seventy-two hours for observation unless the patient themselves signs legal forms requesting care. After that period of time they are released back onto the streets despite being a danger to themselves or others. Ms. Chambers’ forty years of experience as a sign language interpreter has brought her to the front lines of this crisis. It is through her first-hand accounts the reader discovers the revolving door of untreated mental illness and governmental red tape preventing real results.   … More “Fragile Minds” by Diane Lane Chambers

“Unburdening” by Teresa Benitez

An abortion may end one life, but it can save another — Teresa’s story is the epitome of this.

A promising, “stellar” engineering student, her first abortion emerged as the result of youthful promiscuity. After unsuccessfully attempting to contact the father, she decided to terminate the pregnancy. The experience was traumatic and painful, but most of all, confusing. Though an educated young woman, she could barely understand the terminology and the medical jargon. … More “Unburdening” by Teresa Benitez

“The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” by William N. Brown

“The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” is a collection of 20 stories about Chinese people who have risen from poverty to have successful careers. The stories are told through interviews with Professor Brown, an American business professor at Xiamen University in Fujian province. Brown has taught in China since the late 80s. … More “The Evolution of China’s Anti-Poverty Strategies” by William N. Brown

“Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels: A Field Guide to Identifying Political Buffoons” by Gene Berardelli

In “Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels” by New York Election Law specialist Gene Berardelli, readers are treated to a rare exposition of trenchant criticisms and indomitable harsh realities regarding the world’s evolving political scenery where millions of individuals have felt the painful prick of deceit and manipulation by leaders who act foolish and witless, in an aim to win the electorate over.

Berardelli begins by defining the term “buffoon,” a term that forms the basis of his work. He feels that since the term had been reserved for people whose ridiculous behavior is a source of amusement to others, politicians who have set themselves to act as such rightfully deserve to be called by it. The candid musings spin with practical analysis of popular and influential leaders, an aim set to help readers identify and rate buffoonery in an individual, a trait that research has revealed exists in everyone but to a higher degree in politicians. … More “Schnooks, Crooks, Liars & Scoundrels: A Field Guide to Identifying Political Buffoons” by Gene Berardelli

“Toward a Model of Constitutions” by Williams Kuttikadan

“Toward a Model of Constitutions” by Williams Kuttikadan is a brilliantly thought out and well-researched ruminative book, whose publication couldn’t have come at a better time. It is founded on values such as liberty, democracy, equality, and respect for human rights, as well as protection of the Rule of Law. Research has shown that many democracies are slowly dying from electoral fraud caused by political autocrats who have little to no regard for the rule of law. Buying off the media and courts has not only hindered nations’ growth and development but has also killed individual rights and social justice, making the constitutions’ role futile and ineffectual. … More “Toward a Model of Constitutions” by Williams Kuttikadan

“Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts” by Sylvia Abolis Mennear

“Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts” is a story that needs to be told and, more importantly, needs to be read by many. It is important for young people because it can be used to assist in educating them about the dangers of the horrible drug, Fentanyl. It is important for family members so they can see the signs and gain the knowledge to, hopefully, move away from the tragic ending of this story and create a new ending for themselves.

This is a true and honest account of Aaron’s story and it is a heartbreaking one. This young man had everything going for him and lost it all, including his life, when faced with addiction. After having an accident, Aaron’s life changed completely when he became addicted to the painkillers he had been prescribed to face what he was going through. … More “Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts” by Sylvia Abolis Mennear

“Child Sex Abuse: Power, Profit, Perversion” by Beverley Chalmers

“Child Sex Abuse: Power, Profit, Perversion” by Beverley Chalmers goes into the history of child sex abuse and the overwhelming statistics of current cases. This book is not for the faint of heart, especially if the reader has survived any type of abuse themselves. It discusses the global view of child sex abuse instead of focusing on one country. This shows that child sex abuse is not only a problem in America or Canada, but across the world. … More “Child Sex Abuse: Power, Profit, Perversion” by Beverley Chalmers

“America’s Loveless Age” by Noel Terry

Never before has politics influenced our love lives this intimately. As Donald Trump climbed into power, Trumpism swept over the U.S.A. and swiftly divided the population. From the blatant misogyny to intellectual incompetence to questionable practices that plague his character as a leader, his candidacy began as a joke to many — until his win suddenly became no laughing matter. … More “America’s Loveless Age” by Noel Terry