“Murder for Liar” by Verlin Darrow

In his new novel, “Murder for Liar,” Verlin Darrow takes his readers into the world of a therapist who is worried he is losing his sanity. He’s so focused on his own sanity, that he is not keeping up well with the issues that his patients are coming to him with. Throughout the novel, the reader is presented with so many twists and turns and murders that it might seem a bit difficult to keep up. But I assure you it is well worth the ride. … More “Murder for Liar” by Verlin Darrow

“Hidden Shifters” by David Dann

After aliens from planet B3 invade planet A7, much of the indigenous population is declared dangerous and locked away.  More dangerous than any of the animal hybrids are the shapeshifters, who can take on any form.  “Hidden Shifters” is the story of Adrian Walker, one such shifter.  Since he was a kid, he has pretended to be an innocuous sheep hybrid to escape the notice of the aliens.  Working as a janitor at the prison for the dangerous hybrids, he is suddenly thrust into the role of warden after the previous warden is discovered to be part of the rebels against the aliens.  To further complicate matters, his girlfriend—another shapeshifter—is captured at a rebel protest.  In order to rescue his girlfriend, Adrian falls into the rebellion, despite his misgivings.  … More “Hidden Shifters” by David Dann

“Dark School” by Matti Silver

“Dark School” is the first book in a paranormal fantasy adventure series created by Matti Silver. It’s a fascinating tale that is quite unlike anything you’ve ever read.

The story opens with an elderly man completing his will and placing it in a handcrafted wooden box along with a key chain holding five keys, a pocket watch, a vial, a small pouch, and a leather bound black book. Reminiscing over days gone by, and considering past achievements and failures, his final thoughts deliver him to a slumber from which he will not awaken. … More “Dark School” by Matti Silver

“The Dark Land” by DM Shepard

I loved reading “The Dark Land.” I had goosebumps through most of it! Seriously. My husband even asked me if I was cold. While I will admit the winter descriptions of the wilderness helped contribute to the goosebumps, the griping story about the ancient evil creatures were the main source. The description of the creatures plus their supernatural capabilities of moving around added a great deal to the suspense. It was also clear that they had some form of intelligence. When the secrets about them are revealed, and the protagonist truly gets an understanding of their evil ways, I felt like I was held captive while she was. … More “The Dark Land” by DM Shepard

“Angels Watching Over Me” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman

“Angels Watching Over Me,” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman, is a riveting book with stories about angels and the roles they played in their lives, and in the lives of others. The book opens with a visceral account of Pam’s auto accident and encounter with an angel. This sets the stage for the subject to unfold. … More “Angels Watching Over Me” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman