“Some Don’t Come Back” by Don Meyer

Intriguing. Especially because it deals with both our current pandemic and the one from 1918. The concept is fascinating, having to consider whether life would be better 100 years ago than it is today. I had also wondered about this, but I did not see how it could have been a better time when there was no technology to help stay connected with family and friends. Back then, they had to deal with Prohibition, the Spanish Flu, the Great War, and the lack of technology. … More “Some Don’t Come Back” by Don Meyer

“All Flowers Bloom” by Kawika Guillermo

“All Flowers Bloom,” by Kawika Guillermo, is a time travel romance novel that brings freshness to the genre. It’s about the undying love of one soul for another, and the various ways they encounters each other during the many lives they live. This unique premise sets the stage for an unforgettable poetic odyssey of past lives. … More “All Flowers Bloom” by Kawika Guillermo