“Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“Mother Blues” is a killer mystery set against both the background and foreground of motherhood. This story links the past with the future, and a childhood omen to adulthood danger. Mothering can come in many forms. Even if you don’t have a biological mother, there can be maternal forces that shape you, from your past and present. Maybe it’s a grandmother from long ago; or a godmother, aunt, or some other mother “figure” not related by blood. The title is perfect for this story because, much like a blues tune, the tale’s pace feels like it’s infused with an almost hypnotic pulse. … More “Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“The Truth Effect” by Anne Mortensen

“The Truth Effect” is the story of a fearless woman journalist, Kelly, who’s trying to warn England of the government’s plan to impose an artificially intelligent-powered thought control regime in 2030. Set in London, it extrapolates about the advances of IT-biometric technology, particularly the potential connections between human consciousness and the digital information systems that are sure to be developed. … More “The Truth Effect” by Anne Mortensen

“Leading Men in Music” by Jene Roswell

It is true that there are hundreds of biographies written about this unique list, but this is definitely one that covers all these highly influential men in one book. The careers, the work some did to go from a “poor country home” to an award-winning artist of mammoth proportions—it’s incredibly informative, and so entertaining, you will want this as your chosen “coffee table” book, which in my house was held in high esteem. … More “Leading Men in Music” by Jene Roswell

“Street of Tears” by Larry J. Hilton

“Streets of Tears” is a chilling story, told from a unique point of view, focusing on the vilest faction of human history. Hilton explores the Austrian mindset in a way that feels nonfiction at times with his accurate and detailed portrayal of real-life events. Readers are able to brush the surface of how Hitler’s regime came to power and lead such a hideous massacre in the name of “purity.”  … More “Street of Tears” by Larry J. Hilton