“From Depression to Contentment” by Bob Rich, PhD

How we feel physically and mentally can make or break us. Dr. Bob Rich understands this and has the experience and expertise to solicit his advice unto our eager ears. In his book, “From Depression to Contentment: a Self-Therapy Guide,”

“Break and Enter” by Lori Matthews

“Break and Enter” is the first in Lori Matthews’s newest series Callahan Security. This swoon worthy, Charlie’s Angel-esque, female robin hood read is an extraordinary debut of what appears to be an action-packed series.

“Amazon Alexa: More Than Just Weather & Music” by Bradley Metrock

“Amazon Alexa: More than Just Weather & Music” by Bradley Metrock is an informational guide to the capabilities of Alexa, a virtual assistant type AI technology developed by Amazon.

“Bayou City Burning” by D.B. Borton

Bayou City Burning” by Author D.B. Borton is set in the early 60's, in the pre-civil rights era and John F. Kennedy was president. These were exciting times in America as the president’s first task was to send a man into space and eventually the moon.

Interview with Christine Sunderland – Author of Angel Mountain

CHRISTINE SUNDERLAND serves as managing editor for American Church Union Publishing and holds a BA in English literature from San Francisco State University, Cum Laude. She is the author of six award-winning novels about faith and family, freedom of speech and religion, and the importance of history and human dignity. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and an amazing tabby named Laddie.

“Tracking Game” by Margaret Mizushima

“Tracking Game” by Margaret Mizushima is the 5th book in her Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series. This was an awesome book and I cannot wait to dive further into this series! I love the K9 mystery, danger, and love of this novel. The main plot is to catch a killer or maybe killers on the loose but first we have to figure out who killed Nate Fletcher?

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