“Unlawful DISorder” by David Jackson Ambrose

The author deserves praise for “Unlawful DISorder” as he has woven a memorable tale that uncovers the sobering reality of being a young black gay man with a mental illness. The characters are well-developed—multilayered, and complex, which will resonate with readers, and the story illustrates the need for more mental health advocacy. … More “Unlawful DISorder” by David Jackson Ambrose

“Joe Peas” by Sam Newsome

Enigmatic and diminutive Joe Peas doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Unless he opens his mouth to speak. It’s not just that unmistakable Italian accent, but the humor and wisdom that seems to simply flow from him. No one knows much about Joe, but the stories he bothers to share with others are memorable, often outrageous, and generally profound. What’s the deal with Joe Peas and his silly name? … More “Joe Peas” by Sam Newsome

“California Sports Astounding!” by Dan Cisco

A collection of sports trivia to appease the biggest sports buffs. Dan Cisco, aka The Sports Guy, moves through the days in the months of the year with a short write-up about a sport – better-known ones such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, etc, as well as possibly lesser known or watched ones such as cross-country, rowing, parachute jumping, curling, skiing, etc., and informs the reader about a record made or how a sport or organization got started. … More “California Sports Astounding!” by Dan Cisco

“The Roots of the Bayou” by Chad J. LeBlanc

LeBlanc concentrates his narrative on two families who are from two distinct geographical and cultural places: the Acadians, removed from Nova Scotia and the Isleños, from the Canary Islands, a Spanish territory off the coast of Africa. Inspired by his own knowledge of his background, he carefully creates a narrative which shows the troubles faced by his ancestors from 1755 through to 1832. … More “The Roots of the Bayou” by Chad J. LeBlanc

“Almost Full Circle” by Jacqueline Greer Graham

The charming adage “home is where the heart is” holds special appeal regarding the place Jacqueline calls home. We may root ourselves in many places over the course of our lives as we grow into our experiences, but often it’s our first memories of home that pull on our heartstrings. An enchanting island in the British West Indies called Montserrat is the place Jacqueline calls home, where she spent the formative years of her life in the village of Harris, raised by her grandmother. … More “Almost Full Circle” by Jacqueline Greer Graham

“New York Groove” by Frank Mastropolo

If you have ever been interested in music, history, music history, rock, punk, or almost any other kind of music, you should check out “New York Groove.” It gives a historical look at several clubs, musicians, and songs of New York City. Some of these will be familiar to almost everyone, but there are also some little gems that have unfortunately disappeared. … More “New York Groove” by Frank Mastropolo

“Miracles through Hell: A True Story of Holocaust Survival and Intergenerational Healing” by Jerry M. Elman

“Miracles Through Hell: A True Story of Holocaust Survival and Intergenerational Healing,” is a necessary read for all, especially during our current times where there are people who want us to believe that the Holocaust never happened. We also need to make sure that history does not repeat itself. The author also dispels some misperceptions and misunderstandings that were associated with what happened during this time. … More “Miracles through Hell: A True Story of Holocaust Survival and Intergenerational Healing” by Jerry M. Elman

“Spirituality, Evolution, and Awakened Consciousness” by Lorraine Nilon

“Spirituality, Evolution, & Awakened Consciousness” is a spiritual book designed to help you recognize and overcome the spiritual, emotional, and religious blocks in your life that are preventing you from becoming more spiritually evolved. Accompanying author Lorraine Nilon’s detailed explanations of each concept are some beautiful illustrations by Katherine Close, which serve to bring these sometimes abstract ideas into better focus with more concrete clarity. … More “Spirituality, Evolution, and Awakened Consciousness” by Lorraine Nilon

“Make Me the Boss” by Emily Tsitrian

Author Emily Tsitrian nails management advice in the age of Millennial leaders in her book “Make Me the Boss.” playing to her audience through the use of creative memes, non-traditional career advice, and a re-write of the outdated corporate career ladder. Her experiences as a first-time manager across various teams, industries, and leadership positions held, allows her to offer actionable advice, useful tips and tricks, and much needed reassurance for Millennials at this stage in their career. … More “Make Me the Boss” by Emily Tsitrian

“The Human Sales Factor” by Lance Tyson

“The Human Sales Factor” is a nonfiction self-help reference book aimed at business leaders and salespeople, which focuses on the human aspect at the core of every component of the sales process. The author highlights the fact that “every single one of us is a salesperson” and mentions that investors or clients don’t necessarily choose the best idea or product but instead, they invest in a person. … More “The Human Sales Factor” by Lance Tyson