“Forbidden Brownstones” by Clifford Browder

“Forbidden Brownstones” by Clifford Browder provides a character with an obsession to live in a luxurious place who will not stop until he has achieved his goal…no matter what obstacles are put in his way.  … More “Forbidden Brownstones” by Clifford Browder

“In My Next Life I’ll Get it Right” by Rosemary Mild

“In My Next Life I’ll Get It Right” by award-winning Rosemary Mild, is a plucky volume of essays about life, love, family, career, and everything in between. This eclectic mix of emotional, insightful vignettes has something for everyone, and covers a wide range of subjects. Some pieces will warm your heart, some will make you smile or laugh, and a few will bring a tear to your eye. … More “In My Next Life I’ll Get it Right” by Rosemary Mild

“Walks with the Wind” by Steve Physioc

Physioc masterfully combines this character-driven drama into an unforgettable saga of family, loss, culture, war, and redemption. I especially like the way Native American culture is incorporated, and the way the lives of the main characters collide and work off of each other. The pacing is even, the plot intriguing, and the dialogue dynamic. You will become invested in the story and can’t guess what may lie around the next corner. … More “Walks with the Wind” by Steve Physioc