“Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel” by Susan Wingate

It started at Lubos. The noxious smell, Winsey’s relentless chatter, and the gargoyle at the end of the bar who was eyeballing you. You’d politely asked Winsey to shut the eff up (you have Aspergers, and thus, no filter) because her complaining bordered on petulance, and you’d had enough. After saying goodbye, you fled the bar, looking forward to a quiet night at home, binge-watching Law & Order for the umpteenth time and snuggling with your overweight cat. The next thing you know, your phone is lit up by the sheriff, demanding that you come down to the station because Winsey is dead and you’re the number one suspect. … More “Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel” by Susan Wingate

“Threads” by Bryan Cassiday

“Threads,” by Bryan Cassiday, is aptly named for the fashion empire within, the pulling of a thread that unravels the whole thing, and the breadcrumbs that slowly weave together the full picture. Scott Brody may at first appear to be your typical private investigator, looking into spousal affairs and other low-level jobs, albeit for mobsters, but “Threads” pulls that entire life apart. … More “Threads” by Bryan Cassiday

“Honor the Earth” by Phil Bellfy

This collection serves multiple purposes: 1. To call direct attention to how western capitalist initiatives have been dooming our planet from the early days of colonization and 2. To highlight how by collaborating with other cultures, populations and entering into constructive discussions about these environmental problems is the only way to come back from the brink of environmental disaster. … More “Honor the Earth” by Phil Bellfy

“Go Forward, Support! The Rugby of Life” by Rosemary A. Schmidt

“Go Forward, Support!” looks, at first glance, like its purpose is to inform, educate, and possibly gather new fans who will “support” the game of rugby. That’s when you keep reading and notice the tagalong, “the Rugby of Life,” which might confuse you as you wonder how your life can be compared to a sport that you might have never heard of before, let alone know anything about. After reading Rosemary A. Schmidt’s words, however, it’s clear how rugby and the game of life have many similarities. Schmidt is a seasoned veteran of the sport with an evident passion for its past, present, and future. … More “Go Forward, Support! The Rugby of Life” by Rosemary A. Schmidt

“Officers Down” by Eliot Sefrin

“Officers Down” by Eliot Sefrin introduces readers to Matt Holland and Rachel Cook, two of New York Police Department’s beat officers. Matt has been on the force for 16 years and has been highly awarded for his work and dedication to the people of Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Rachel is a rookie who has excelled at her studies before going on the streets. Matt and Rachel are paired together so Rachel can learn from one of the best. One tragic moment changed their lives, along with most of New York City. What truly happened and will Matt, Rachel, and New York City overcome this major incident? … More “Officers Down” by Eliot Sefrin

“Mysterious Ocean Walkers” by Manu Philips

“Mysterious Ocean Walkers” is a book designed to help Christians understand their journey of faith through God’s use of water on the earth and in their lives. Pastor Manu Philips has taken great strides to create a work to better help us reflect on our lives and the bridges it has taken to get us where we are today. … More “Mysterious Ocean Walkers” by Manu Philips

“Dogs Don’t Cook” by Catherine Alexander

“Dogs Don’t Cook” by Catherine Alexander is a fresh take on life well past the Vietnam war, the toll it’s had on veterans, and the cost that has come from both the health hazards and the drinking. And yet, there is still beauty. Beauty in how life can turn around when just one person believes in you and takes you under their wing. … More “Dogs Don’t Cook” by Catherine Alexander