“Such Splendid Prisons” by Harvey Solomon

In “Such Splendid Prisons,” Harvey Solomon takes us into the worlds of five Axis diplomats who were detained by the United States during World War II. It tells an eye-opening story about a period of time in the history of the United States where seemingly innocent individuals had their freedoms taken away. … More “Such Splendid Prisons” by Harvey Solomon

“Angels Watching Over Me” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman

“Angels Watching Over Me,” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman, is a riveting book with stories about angels and the roles they played in their lives, and in the lives of others. The book opens with a visceral account of Pam’s auto accident and encounter with an angel. This sets the stage for the subject to unfold. … More “Angels Watching Over Me” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman

“The Syncopated Heart” by Douglas J. Keeling

“The Syncopated Heart” by Douglas J. Keeling, is a well-paced mystery with accessible characters, interesting settings, and a riveting plot. Sometimes international suspense thrillers can get bogged down in too many subplots or unbelievable circumstances, but this book is the perfect example of how to do it right. … More “The Syncopated Heart” by Douglas J. Keeling

“Flawed and (Still) Worthy by Allie Brazas

Flawed and (Still) Worthy Allie BrazasLioncrest Publishing (2019)ISBN: 9781544506074 Reviewed by Colette McNeil for Reader Views (12/2020)5*A Very Worthy Read! “Flawed and (Still) Worthy: Owning Your Journey and Embracing Your Flaws” shares the winding and often treacherous path that Alley Brazas found herself traversing throughout roughly, a decade of her young adult life. Beginning her … More “Flawed and (Still) Worthy by Allie Brazas