Publicity Services

About our services

We are so much more than a book review service. We have a variety of services to help you capture the attention of potential readers. Our team is experienced and dedicated to meet your needs. And…yes, we are your one-stop-publicity-center!!

*ReviewsCheck our options
We offer reviews of books, ARCs, galleys, manuscripts, audio CD’s and DVDs.

* Additional Services – Have a review already – See what else we offer

We offer additional services for those that have a book review done by one of our reviewers, whether it’s a recent review or one that you’ve added serves to already. If you want extra publicity this where to go

* Press Release

Press releases create credibility and most  readers will trust authorities such as reviewers, columnists, and reporters more  so than they would an advertisement.   But, of course, the press release must be well-written. A well-written press release has been known to increase book  sales, expose you to the reading audience, and significantly develop  your image in the public. Let one of our professionals write the press release  for you.  You can have it to distribute wherever  you want, include it in your media kit. And, we believe you need to participate. We will send you the first draft for you to approve or make any applicable changes. We want you to be completely satisfied before the press release is available to the public.
Order Now

* Press Release Distribution
Once you have a Press Release, the next step is to distribute it. Distribution is the key to get Media Attention. We offer different packages to match almost any budget. All Distribution packages will be targeted according to the title.
Check them out!

* Consulting To Go

We offer phone consultation by the hour. Great for questions on “How To” when it comes to marketing your book as well as some technical support on posting things on your Amazon page, your own website…etc. If all you need is a little help on your DIY marketing, then this option is for you.
Get Help Now


* 5 Day Social Media Book Blitz

Book Blitz is a simple, yet powerful way to reach more readers. You can utilize this service to help with the release day launch, random publicity to spread the word about your book or series, or just give a lift to your promotional efforts for the holiday season.
Book your Blitz!


* Trailer Posting on Book Review Page

Post your Book Trailer on your Review page and let the story come alive for our readers!
For more information and Sample click here

* Editing

We offer professional manuscript critique, proof reading, copy editing, line editing, and content editing.
Get prices and hook up with an editor


* PreViews/Book Videos

We offer to make a book video that you can use for your own marketing. We will also post it on our website, YouTube, Videos of Books, and other random places.
Make a statement by showing off your book

* Literary Awards Program

We honor writers who self-published or had their books published by a small press, university press, or independent book publisher geared for the North American reading audience.
Win an award for your book

* Audiobook Production and Distribution

We will help you in taking the next step to turn your manuscript into a professionally produced audiobook.
Provide a listening book for busy people

* Website Construction and Maintenance

Don’t have a website? We will create a website for you. Having a website is one of the most important aspects of getting your book available to the masses.
Establish your store front and let people know about you

* Live/Recorded Interview

We will be happy to interview an author or provide the opportunity for the author to read an excerpt or chapter from the book.
Give your audience the “Inside Scoop” on your book

* Ghostwriter Services

We help be a book author… without writing a word.
Let an experienced author “ghostwrite” your book for you

* eCatalog sent to Librarians

We publish a monthly e-catalog listing recently published books and email to opt-in subscribers which include librarians, independent bookstore owners, bloggers/reviewers and readers. The bonus is they get to read the First Chapter of the book.
Learn how you can get your book seen by librarians

* Kindle and iBook Conversion

We will convert your Microsoft Word Document so that Kindle and iBook readers will have access to it.
Learn how you can get your book converted for Kindle and iBook download

* Pre-publication Publicity

We offer publicity packages or design them to meet your specific needs.
Get the publicity flow going before publication date


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