“Little White Lies” by Margaret Fenton

After African-American mayoral candidate Dr. Marcus Freedman’s office is bombed, it causes a media frenzy. Thankfully, Freedman is located, but his assistant Jason O’Dell isn’t so lucky. Claire Conover, a child welfare worker, becomes embroiled in the investigation when the DHS reports Jason’s infant daughter, Maddie, has no next of kin. The waters get even murkier when it is revealed that Dr. Freedman is the maternal grandfather; Maddie’s mother was an addict and died months after having the baby.

Jason O’Dell was in hiding, living under an assumed identity, severing ties with his wealthy family, the Alsbrooks, who owned many of the mines in Alabama. These people did not hide their racism and did not take kindly to their son being involved with a black drug addict. Amidst helping find baby Maddie proper care, Claire has agreed to foster a thirteen-year-old troubled girl who is causing friction in her relationship.

Will Claire solve the mystery of who killed Jason while keeping her sanity and relationship intact? Read and find out! … More “Little White Lies” by Margaret Fenton