“Deeply Rooted Dreams” by Alexander Mukte

“Deeply Rooted Dreams” is the second book in the Rewired Series by Alexander Mukte. I did NOT forget Ori Clayborn. And anyone who read the first in this series, “The Recruiter” certainly has not forgotten him either. The first book was one that kept me, like all who read it, on the edge of their seats as a whole Mario Puzo-type drama with drug cartels and corrupt FBI agents unfurled. That book was also where we met up with Jessica, an investigative reporter who simply sets her focus on any assignment that’s given to her and then with skills and talent unveils the “bad guys” to the world.
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“The Recruiter” by Alexander Mukte

Okay… when a reviewer starts out describing a book as an action-packed FBI crime drama that focuses on everything from cartels that remind you of the “Godfather” to corrupt law enforcement officials, what would you think? Exactly. You would think I was describing one of those ultimate fast-paced dramas that would make Puzo’s infamous Corleone family proud. … More “The Recruiter” by Alexander Mukte