“Down Wind and Out of Sight” by Douglas Richardson

“Down Wind and Out of Sight” is an amazing novel that is full of complexities. I found myself completely caught off guard as I delved deeper into the pages. Richardson skillfully blends in several themes, topics that I would have previously assumed to be too unrelated to be able to connect together into a story. Not only does he make it work, he creates a masterpiece by doing so. He incorporates racism, autism, systemic abuse of aboriginal people, and how marine life are impacted by technology. These are just to name a few. The technology used in this story actually goes much further than affecting marine life; it also drastically affects humans, but still readers gain some insight into marine events that have actually taken place. … More “Down Wind and Out of Sight” by Douglas Richardson

“The Lapone Sisters” by Barry Wilker

“The Lapone Sisters,” is the story of three sisters who are coming of age in the mid-70s. Schmellda, or Shell, is the oldest. She starts out as a chubby teen who has issues with her body producing excess oil. As time passes, she recreates herself into a beautiful talented young woman. Her talent lies in creating unique floral pieces. The middle child, Sorina, is described as tall, beautiful, and willowy. She is hampered by a severe stutter. Discovering her voice helps her to overcome her speech impediment. Esmerelda, or Esme, is the baby in the family. She has no problem letting others know exactly what is on her mind. … More “The Lapone Sisters” by Barry Wilker