“In the Heart of the Linden Wood” by Ekta R. Garg

In Ekta R. Garg’s “In the Heart of the Linden Wood,” King Christopher, along with the whole kingdom of Linden, loses their beloved queen and infant heir to the throne. King Christopher plunges into his grief, letting bitterness and grief squeeze his heart until only a spoiled, angry shell remains. On top of these searing losses, the pride of Linden, its trees, begin to lose their magic. When a surprise coup rips Christopher from his brooding, he is pushed toward a quest to restore the trees’ magic with the unlikeliest of companions, including the last person in the world that he wants to see—the person he holds responsible for ruining his life. … More “In the Heart of the Linden Wood” by Ekta R. Garg

“Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

It’s the end of this eternity—the world can be remade in the image of whoever reaches the holy place first. Rabbi Benjamin is part of a secret Jewish sect that has been preparing to protect the world from this for eons. His ragtag team includes his son; an ancient, snarky head; and a beautiful vampire who only wants to die.  Together they journey to the holy place to prevent a cult of nose bashers and a death cult from destroying life as we know it. … More “Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

“An Enemy Like Me” by Teri M. Brown

Teri M. Brown’s novel “An Enemy Like Me” is a work of historical fiction. It follows the life of Jakob Mueller, also known as Jacob Miller, an American-born son of German immigrants, and his family from the onset of World War II to modern-day. The story unfolds from three characters’ perspectives, Jacob, a soldier, husband, and father, Bonnie, his wife, and their child William. Each character gives the reader a glimpse into their thoughts and emotions about the war, their love for one another, and their pride in their country.  … More “An Enemy Like Me” by Teri M. Brown

“So Now What?” by Alexandra McGroarty

Grief is inevitable. At some point in our lives—often unexpectantly—it will come knocking at our door. For the author Alexandra McGroarty, it didn’t tap lightly. She was completely blindsided by the death of her beloved husband, who was only thirty-nine when he passed. Though she is candid about nearly being leveled by the experience, Alexandra found a way to persevere. Through her lived experience, she created a guidebook to help individuals navigate the foggy, often solitary journey through grief. … More “So Now What?” by Alexandra McGroarty

“The Wisdom of Winter” by Annie Seyler

“The Wisdom of Winter” by Annie Seyler is a beautifully written story about a young lady who tragically loses her mother in a car accident. Beatrice is the light of her mother’s life. Lily and Beatrice spend their days playing outside and creating works of art. Beatrice is an eccentric child that runs around partially dressed and dirty while acting out make-believe adventures. She loves nature and hates taking a bath. Lily becomes pregnant again to revitalize her marriage, only to develop a debilitating case of postpartum depression.  … More “The Wisdom of Winter” by Annie Seyler

“Squeeze Plays” by Jeffrey Marshall

There are almost two simultaneous stories occurring within the pages of “Squeeze Plays.” The first story is of a bank, calling a $20 million loan to Star Enterprises, a publisher and news outlet. Star Enterprises also happens to be the primary party in the second story, revolving around how CEO Winston Crumm is going to cover the $20 million loan getting called back as Star Enterprises faces a financial downturn. While these stories ultimately tie together via the bank loan, there are some intriguing insights into the business, the process, and the journalism occurring as a sidebar to tying the pieces all together. Most intriguing, though, are the players within the story. From the MBA and resume-perfect banker to the son now running the Star Enterprises family business, the white men running rampant through this story feels entirely non-fiction at times.  … More “Squeeze Plays” by Jeffrey Marshall

“Secrets in the Mirror” by Leslie Kain

“Secrets in the Mirror” by Leslie Kain is an immersive psychological coming-of-age book highlighting the peril of mental illness, particularly the generational type—deeply embedded within families and has mainly gone undiagnosed. Told from the third-person perspective and following Gavin DiMasi, the teen faces an ongoing inner battle between feeling responsible for his twin and being imprisoned by his cruel torment. … More “Secrets in the Mirror” by Leslie Kain

“Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” by Teri M. Brown

In “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow,” an epic story beautifully and frankly told, author Teri M. Brown has created a rare read full of struggle, endurance, and redemption. Reminiscent of Mark T. Sullivan’s “The Last Green Valley,” this novel tells the story of a family living in Ukraine during Soviet rule and then Ukrainian independence. Spanning three generations and at least as many rulers, the family of Lyaksandro Hadeon Rosomakha lived a mostly simple life in these treacherous times. … More “Sunflowers Beneath the Snow” by Teri M. Brown

“Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato

“Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato takes us inside the lives of Allie, Natia, and Rihanna. Although the three women come from very different backgrounds, now in the amazing city of New York, they have found each other for friendship and support. We follow the three in their daily lives, which are full of challenging careers and boyfriends that are, on a good day, a bit difficult. … More “Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato