“Summer of No Rain” by Laura Hunter

“Summer of No Rain” by Laura Hunter is a historical fiction story based on true events that occurred in the 1960s in rural Alabama.

Margaret Ann Odom is a bi-racial girl of twelve years old. Like most girls her age, she enjoys tree houses, animals, and playing with her best friend. But her happy, ordinary world is about to change. … More “Summer of No Rain” by Laura Hunter

“Casadora Island” by John Wilde

“Casadora Island” is the latest novel by John Wilde.

Jamey Johnson, a widowed man, 37 and still grieving, is burnt out. He has been working 50-60 hours a week as a broker for a company run by a guy named Madoff. He confides his troubles to Mr. Madoff, who holds Jamey in high regard, and who tells Jamey to take a long vacation. Jamey gradually decides he needs more than just a vacation. … More “Casadora Island” by John Wilde