“What is Consciousness?” by Vipin Gupta

Vipin Gupta’s “What Is Consciousness? The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation” is a unique, introspective analysis of the nature of the human mind and our ability to perceive the world around us, make decisions and engage in critical thinking, and, overall, an investigation into what truly makes us ‘aware.’  In essence, how do humans use their conscious minds and thoughts to fill the “void” that is our futures, while all the while unknowingly limiting ourselves and prospects in the process. … More “What is Consciousness?” by Vipin Gupta

“Somebody Else’s Troubles” by J.A. English

“Somebody Else’s Troubles” by J. A. English is a love letter to culture. Drawing on his own intimate experiences with Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, this novel provides a portrait of the societal changes many towns and cities were forced to undergo during the 1970s in addition to bringing them on a trip to the beautiful island Mabuhay in the Caribbean. … More “Somebody Else’s Troubles” by J.A. English

“Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies” by Elizabeth Reinach

einach has a gift for creating quirky, eccentric characters, and bringing them to life in settings that are perfectly described, so readers will feel like they are watching a play or a movie. She often uses similes, in her descriptions, that are incredibly amusing. The illustrator also did an excellent job of creating pictures that not only match the tales but add to their entertainment. … More “Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies” by Elizabeth Reinach

“More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie” by Sherry Lynn Jones

A collection of stories from real EMS, ER, paramilitary and firefighter responders telling their sides of dealing with traumatic cases. The stories range from veterinary to medical to behavioral health trauma. Each story discusses how the responder reacted to the trauma and sometimes a background to why they reacted the way that they did. … More “More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie” by Sherry Lynn Jones

“Will Computers Revolt?” by Charles J. Simon

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly embedded in many of the things we interact with and use daily. “Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence” is a timely and informative text by Charles J. Simon, a software expert, and a neural network pioneer. This book is a revised and expanded edition. … More “Will Computers Revolt?” by Charles J. Simon

“The Trouble with Kim” by Seth David Branitz

Branitz’s story touches on so many different hardships of life: drugs, mental health, physical health, death, love. Branitz is honest with his feelings towards his family, friends, and random events. He doesn’t try to give an opinion on how others felt about each other….just how he dealt with it all. Some things he dealt with better than others. … More “The Trouble with Kim” by Seth David Branitz