“Relative Consequences” by Jody Herpin

“Relative Consequences” is a historical mystery by author Jody Herpin. She has taken her southern ingenuity to create a piece all southerners could understand. In this novel we meet a woman named Jessy who has lost her husband and now is set on making right a wrong from her past. … More “Relative Consequences” by Jody Herpin

“The Persimmon Tree Narrative” by Michael Brookshire

“The Persimmon Tree Narrative” by Michael Brookshire is a spiritual book with an intriguing premise. It is told from the first-person perspective, following the main character’s conversations with the tree spanning six years. Their engaging, often philosophical discussions were delivered in a way that made me see things in a new light. Questions and statements posed by the tree sparked further rumination. Further, Michael’s revelations regarding human existence, his mortality, and the All fed my curiosity. Each chapter addressed different topics and often began with the tree asking Michael an open-ended question to ponder. … More “The Persimmon Tree Narrative” by Michael Brookshire

“America’s Loveless Age” by Noel Terry

Never before has politics influenced our love lives this intimately. As Donald Trump climbed into power, Trumpism swept over the U.S.A. and swiftly divided the population. From the blatant misogyny to intellectual incompetence to questionable practices that plague his character as a leader, his candidacy began as a joke to many — until his win suddenly became no laughing matter. … More “America’s Loveless Age” by Noel Terry

“The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor

“The Brain Drips Yellow,” is an outstanding horror/fantasy novel. The author Burn Moor is an amazing writer. He brings this story to life with his vivid descriptions using a lot of simile and metaphors. His words are so smooth, I felt like he was gliding me down a path from which I could not escape. I had to keep reading! The dark psychological aspects of the storyline blend perfectly with supernatural horror. … More “The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor