“The Snare” by Charles Besondy

In this third installment of the series, Mr. Besondy continues to tell the reader the story of Charley Austin, who is now graduating from high school. Charley is confused as he tries to continue dealing with a tragedy from his past and a political movement in the present that threatens him and those around him. This story is a test of all of Charley’s beliefs in his life thus far. Add-in a great character, Phobley, whose main goal is to destroy this young man’s faith with a very evil and disturbing plan and you have a story that brings up many questions; the main ones being, is this Satan’s final plan for the world, and what will God’s response be? … More “The Snare” by Charles Besondy

“The Hidden Saboteur” by Charles Besondy

“The Hidden Saboteur” is the first book in the Christian psychological thriller series by Charles Besondy. In this story, the focus is on Clay and how his past is affecting his current mental and emotional health. Themes of self-doubt, anger, and hostility are present, along with reconciliation and forgiveness interspersed to show that faith and belief in God can help you overcome the toughest of struggles. … More “The Hidden Saboteur” by Charles Besondy