“Commissar: A Novel of Civil War Russia” by D.V. Chernov

“Commissar” by D.V. Chernov is a Russian historical spy thriller, taking place in 1918, as Russia is in the midst of a civil war caused by several political forces vying for power in a new Russia taking shape. The author expertly bases this story on real historical events and people, giving it an even greater air of intrigue. … More “Commissar: A Novel of Civil War Russia” by D.V. Chernov

“Severed Echoes” by D.V. Chernov

“Severed Echoes” is the first book in a new series by author D.V. Chernov. The book is a twisty and emotional ride through the world of technology and murder; it is a good story and thrilling read.

As the first story in the series, Chernov takes the reader deep into the life of Nick Severs. Nick is a rookie detective who has recently moved to a small town in Colorado from a bigger city and he is looking to prove himself. He quickly finds that this will be very hard to do in such a small town, especially since the death of Lisa Benoche is the first murder the town has seen in many, many years. The story follows the detective’s investigation into the murder, which seems to revolve around one of Nick’s closest friends, and the high-tech company that this man works for. Along the way, the reader finds that Nick is trying to solve this crime while also being stalked by his own cyber hacker who is trying to hurt him because of something from his past.
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