“The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

Still reeling over the crash and burn of her last relationship with a bad boy type, ER intern Kate finds herself caring for a long-haired, tattooed stranger who suffered a drug-induced affliction. Touching him makes every inch of her tingle, and she knows she should run (far away), but when he shows up a few months later at her friend’s dinner party, she can’t stop the magnetic pull of his brooding stare.

Kate is entirely too good for him: Fabian knows he should stick to his kind—self-destructive and damaged. Still, there’s something about Kate’s golden hair and the glimmer of mischief in her beautiful blue eyes he finds irresistible. He wants to give her the world, but his past always seems to find a way to ruin a good thing.

Will the fiery lust survive the stark differences in their lives? Read and find out. … More “The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley