“The Star Catcher” by L.F. Falconer

Author L.F. Falconer, from page one of “The Star Catcher: The Curse and Seven Blessings,” grabs the reader by the heart and throws them into an enchanted world of darkness and wonder full of blood-thirsty monsters, woodland creatures, and magic. … More “The Star Catcher” by L.F. Falconer

“How To Love Yourself, Be Happy With Your Life And Heal Negative Thoughts” by Samuel C.A.

This book seems to cover the usual tools a person could use in order to achieve happiness in life. Though, really, the term “happy” is subjective. There are people struggling with clinical depression, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc., which prevents them from achieving “true happiness” in life. Still, using some of these tools mentioned in the book may offer a temporary form of relief, in addition to counseling. The reality is that we would really need to take drastic steps in our lives in order to achieve “true happiness,” such as unplugging from social media, not watching the news on TV, performing altruistic actions towards others, volunteering in the community and basically having sufficient alone time in order to practice a spiritual routine or meditation. … More “How To Love Yourself, Be Happy With Your Life And Heal Negative Thoughts” by Samuel C.A.

“Meet the Author! Getting to Know Anne K. Hawkinson, Author of “The Ghost Writer”

MEET THE AUTHOR! Today Reader Views talks with Anne K. Hawkinson, Author of “The Ghost Writer” winner of the Silver Medal for Historical Fiction and The Jack Eadon Award for The Jack Eadon Memorial Award for the Best Book in Contemporary Drama at the 2022 Reader Views Literary Awards. … More “Meet the Author! Getting to Know Anne K. Hawkinson, Author of “The Ghost Writer”

“Little Dirt Road: Bad Men on Whidbey Island” by Ted Mulcahey

“Little Dirt Road: Bad Men on Whidbey Island” is a cozy little mystery by Ted Mulcahey. Kevin and Jenne O’Malley are not the average married couple, if such an average could be said to exist. The O’Malley’s are former interior designers who live on the isolated and sparsely populated Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington. Now in their “golden years” and seeking relaxation, they just can’t seem to escape mayhem. It appears to follow them wherever they go. Additionally, the O’Malley’s aren’t the kind of people who just call the police, give their statements, and move on with their lives. In the style of cozy mysteries, the energetic and curiosity-loving Kevin and Jenne have a deep-seated urge to unravel mysteries on their own. I’m sure they’re loved by local law enforcement. … More “Little Dirt Road: Bad Men on Whidbey Island” by Ted Mulcahey

“The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

Enne Baker possesses a creative mind and an original perspective of the world. His poetry style is descriptive, which I find appealing since it allows me to clearly imagine the environments and situations he has experienced. He expresses how various sensations affect his body and mind through small ideas, which makes it easy to empathize with his words. What I appreciate the most about his work is the honesty and realism in his verses. He openly shares his pain without the fear of being judged, and he acknowledges that some emotional wounds take time and effort to heal. … More “The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

“The First Olympians” by Graeme Falco

“The First Olympians” is an incredibly well-written science fiction story that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. While the story initially appears to be directed at Young Adult readers, the author quickly captured my attention with the uniqueness of this story and his exceptional gift for writing. He provides intricate details that help bring the settings to life, whether they be in the underground oxygen-deprived tunnels or up in a rocket ship that is a technical masterpiece. … More “The First Olympians” by Graeme Falco

“Paladins: A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age” by Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw, a former Marine Corps Phantom and Hornet Pilot, uses his experiences in the field and in life to pen his debut novel, “Paladin’s: A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age.” It’s a thrilling, coming of age story of as a young man navigates love, life, and his service in the military. … More “Paladins: A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age” by Thomas Shaw

“Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies” by Cyra King

Imagine a world where people are horrifically affected by a man-made virus, which was initially transmitted by animals. Well, I guess that part is not too hard to imagine. In this case, the virus turns people into Zombies!

This virus has wiped out 80 percent of the American population. Humans are now transmitting it to each other through bites and scratches. What the humans do not know is that the living zombies are sentient. They have speech and can communicate with each other, but the non-infected do not know this and consider them all savages. The sentient zombies call the dead zombies “empties,” because they have no humanity left in them. Some of the sentients are Zegans, in that they do not eat human flesh. While the world is falling apart, people start showing their true nature, whether they are infected or not. This leads to suffering on both sides. The protagonist is this tale is a Zegan with a good heart. When she hears rumors of a cure, she sets out on a mission to try getting it so that people can recover. Unfortunately, there are players on both sides who do not want her to succeed. … More “Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies” by Cyra King