“The Silence in the Sound” by Dianne C. Braley

Desperate for the chance to escape her tumultuous past, including life with an alcoholic father, Georgette moves to idyllic Martha’s Vineyard. She has fond memories of travelling there with her father when she was a teen—perhaps the only time she felt close to him. So she accepts the opportunity to be the caretaker for a highly regarded author. Now grumpy and frail, the once-powerful man takes his time warming up to Georgette. But ultimately, the pair form a strong bond, and Georgette looks forward to their daily encounters.

After a long, lonely winter on the island, Dock is a sight for sore eyes. At first, Georgette is put off by his aggressive disposition. Still, there is just something about him that makes her heart flutter. Maybe it’s his green eyes—resplendent and intoxicating, or how sure he is of himself when they’re together. Still, deep beneath the spark that ignites the pair, is something darker. Georgette senses Dock might be trouble. But how bad can it be? … More “The Silence in the Sound” by Dianne C. Braley

“Dare Disturb the Universe” by Charles Newhall III

The technicalities of what makes venture capital venture capital, and the ins and outs of the industry and entrepreneurship of it, aren’t what makes this a great book.  Of course, all of this is also included in this book, providing the reader an exceptional foray into venture capitalism, but what really makes “Dare Disturb the Universe: A Memoir of Venture Capital” by Charles Newhall III a phenomenal read is the author’s sheer talent for storytelling.  … More “Dare Disturb the Universe” by Charles Newhall III

“Truth is in the House” by Michael J. Coffino

“Truth is in the House” by Michael J. Coffino follows the journey of two boys over the course of several decades as they grow into their own in the great melting pot that is the United States of America. It’s a poignant historical novel that embodies themes of prejudice, consequences, redemption, forgiveness and ultimately connection with each other as one race: humanity. … More “Truth is in the House” by Michael J. Coffino

“Sam the Chosen” by Wally Jones

This fantastical world is one that takes the breath from your lungs. I have never experienced such a wild ride before, leading me to be even more shocked when I found out this writer is not only a debut author but he’s also dyslexic, and the challenge for him to read and write is something he had to overcome in order to gift this book to the world. Do not miss this one, readers! This is a thrill ride of mammoth proportions and is worth reading over and over again! … More “Sam the Chosen” by Wally Jones

“Friends of the Library” by Susan Cushman

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARYSusan CushmanKoehler Books (2019)ISBN 9781633938953Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (09/19) “Friends of the Library” by Susan Cushman is an amazing group of short stories gathered from her journeys to various libraries across the state of Mississippi. Each visit provides valuable vignettes of life—from hopes and fears, to revival and healing. … More “Friends of the Library” by Susan Cushman