“Gatekeepers of Eden” by Lanie Mores

In what is the fourth, and final, book of the series written by Ms. Mores, we find a United States government that has been taken over by a newly formed Army who wants to terrorize and transform America—followed by the rest of the world—into their idea of what is important and what should be believed. In order to move this plan along quicker, a group of ex-cons, each with a certain skill, are gathered together and sent to a remote island in order to find an ancient wonder that has the ability to make the new regime’s plans come together perfectly. … More “Gatekeepers of Eden” by Lanie Mores

Father of Contention by Lanie Mores

“Father of Contention” follows scientist Renner Scholz as he continues his research in recombinant DNA technology, and Milena Nowak, a psychic he eventually falls in love with. Renner, previously a skeptic when it comes to psychic phenomena, becomes obsessed with understanding Milena’s powers. This obsession leads him down a dark and frightening path. Renner’s fascination changes him for the worse, and Milena is left at his mercy. … More Father of Contention by Lanie Mores