“The Reluctant Scot” by Liz Fogleman

Baron Reynaud Graehm is a Norman warrior who has Scottish roots. Because of lies and treachery, he is not interested in claiming his Scottish heritage or the lands which are rightfully his. Scottish widow Catriona Dewar prefers her independence and has no desire to remarry. Intelligent and well read, despite her poor vision, she is also a secret advisor to a Scottish Laird. This laird relies on her to the point that he wants to ensure that she never wants to leave. She is also deceived into believing untruths that directly affect how she sees herself. Fate changes the day that Reynaud and Catriona accidentally meet each other. Their mutual attraction is obvious to all. Whether good or bad, they have a series of adventures that keep pulling them together. … More “The Reluctant Scot” by Liz Fogleman