Trial by Invention by Steve Rosen

Trial by Invention Steve Rosen Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781933626321 Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/08)   “Trial by Invention” reads like fiction with conflict, resolution, more conflict, suspense, and resolution. There is a protagonist and an amazing number of villains. These colorful characters and Rosen’s compelling communication style kept me engaged throughout... Continue Reading →

She Doesn’t Look Deaf by Corinne Cheatham

She Doesn’t Look Deaf Corinne Cheatham Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781595260321 Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (10/08)   Ms. Cheatham has written a very powerful book on living with a deaf daughter when services aren’t available, the struggles the family went through to help their daughter and apathy of many of those... Continue Reading →

Every Day Life by M.G. Hardie

Every Day Life M.G. Hardie Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781605940366 Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (12/08) It has been a very, very long time since I have read a play.  With that said, even I realize that “Every Day Life” is not your typical play.  Hip, although a dated word is the first... Continue Reading →

…a rib from Eve by Katherine Christensen

…a rib from Eve Katherine Christensen Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781595268501 Reviewed by Tyler R. Tichelaar for Reader Views (12/08)   I was eager to read “…a rib from Eve” because it is set during the seventh century in Merovingian France and depicts the conflict between the old Celtic religion and Christianity. Many other novels... Continue Reading →

While the Wind Blows by Diana Higbee Reginato

While the Wind Blows Diana Higbee Reginato Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781605942186 Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (5/09)   There’s no denying – I am a romantic. I love being part of a permanent couple. And one of my biggest fears in life is losing my husband. In my opinion, life, as any... Continue Reading →

The Chosen by Tony Arthur

The Chosen Tony Arthur Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781595269850 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/09)   In “The Chosen,” a man named Gabriel is awakened from a horrific dream in which he knows he must flee his home.  He contacts his siblings and also directs them to pack up and run.  As he... Continue Reading →

The Boy with the Blue Cap: Van Gogh in Arles by Norman Beaupré

The Boy with the Blue Cap: Van Gogh in Arles Norman Beaupré Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781605941530 Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (2/09)   Ah, the power of words! To have the power to adequately describe with words what our eyes are seeing is a true gift, and not too many have it.... Continue Reading →

Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All of Yourself by Vito Hemphill

Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All of Yourself Vito Hemphill Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781605940793 Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (9/08)   Dr. Vito Hemphill, a chiropractic doctor in Santa Fe, NM, has created a self-help system for the reader to delve into their internal awareness and access feminine and masculine aspects... Continue Reading →

Agents of Order by Philip L. Garza

Agents of Order Philip L. Garza Llumina Press (2008) ISBN 9781605940632 Reviewed By Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (9/08)   “Agents of Order” is one man’s story of the United Auto Workers Union and their dealings with the International Harvester Company.  Phillip L. Garza gives the reader a behind the scenes look at UAW... Continue Reading →

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