“Lost Souls Recovered” by Eric Walker

n the spring of 1887, a servant by the name of John overheard Tyrone and Laura Billingsly discussing the financial ruin they were facing. Tyrone recalls a tale of caches of gold and silver buried on the plantation grounds. The only clue to the treasure’s whereabouts is engraved on a pair of whiskey flasks under lock a key. John, desperate to escape the mental and physical cruelty endured under the hands of Laura Billingsly, devises a plan to steal the flasks to finance his way to a better life down south. After being caught breaking in, a freak accident occurs leading to the death of Ms. Billingsly. John, in fear of his life, makes the heart wrenching decision to leave his mother behind as he tries to escape the relentless pursuit of henchmen set to bring him to justice. Wanting his mother to know the truth behind him leaving so abruptly, John states, “Momma, even in this mean world we live in, I never killed anyone in my life.”  … More “Lost Souls Recovered” by Eric Walker