“Blood of the Hunted” by Marc R. Micciola

“Blood of the Hunted ” is a fast-paced fantasy set within the mystical world of Kosavros where humans are tyrants and non-human creatures are struggling to survive. From the opening sentence, darkness slips through the pages, building a sense of fear and dread as a war is brewing. We bear witness to a horrific execution led by the unimaginably cruel King Louis. This event in turn entices a riot to unfold between the humans and non-humans referred to as Torain, the hunted. As time passes, we follow the leader of the resistance, Weylan and his friends Olwen, and Rosalie, as they are relentlessly pursued by witches set to eradicate the non-humans. Once an alliance is formed under Queen Sophia, the Resistance and Tudrose band together to overthrow the monarch and bring justice back to the lands. … More “Blood of the Hunted” by Marc R. Micciola