“Pool of Tears” by Melissa Rea

“Pool of Tears” is the second book in the Nights of Alice series by award-winning author, Melissa Rea. It’s a sensual frolic into another world, inspired by the classic escapades of Alice in Wonderland. Alice Hightower, however, is no wallflower—and this is no ordinary fairy tale. … More “Pool of Tears” by Melissa Rea

“Maestro” by Melissa Rea

In “Maestro” by Melissa Rea, readers meet Maria Gabriella Constanzi, “Gabriella,” as she’s standing on the gallows one day before her 19th birthday in 1718. As she recalls her life to the crowd standing before her, she has to wonder if she hadn’t gotten pregnant and sent away to the special convent school in Ospedale della Pieta in Venice, Italy, how differently things might have turned out. If she hadn’t given into her carnal desires would she still be standing on the gallows before she reached her 19th birthday? … More “Maestro” by Melissa Rea

“Rabbithole” by Melissa Rea

Okay… we’ve all read them. What seems like a multitude of books ‘taken’ from the incredible world of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written so long ago and transformed by writers into some good, some really bad, and some really confusing novels. “Rabbithole,” however, is the first one I’ve ever read that establishes its own ‘voice’ right out of the gate and goes on to give readers a strong female lead, a ‘take’ that involves both the paranormal and contemporary worlds working perfectly with one another, and a brilliant plot, characters, and extensive wardrobe that puts this read into the category of erotica. … More “Rabbithole” by Melissa Rea

“Conjuring Casanova” by Melissa Rea

CONJURING CASANOVA Melissa Rea She Writes Press (2016) ISBN 9781631520563 Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (10/16) “Conjuring Casanova” by Melissa Rea is a delightful romantic tale about an ER physician, Elizabeth Hillman, and her encounters with the most infamous rogue of the eighteenth century, Giacomo Casanova. Elizabeth hasn’t had the greatest luck with … More “Conjuring Casanova” by Melissa Rea