“The Russian Doll” by Owen Thomas

Okay…. to all mystery fans out there…. Mack is back!! And I, for one, am so incredibly happy about that. Raymond Mackey is one of the best characters out there in the literary world and Owen Thomas does not disappoint in giving readers a second installment about the life of this wonderful, troubled, still grieving policeman, who reminds me of an old 50s cop in one of those wonderful TV shows or movies from days past. … More “The Russian Doll” by Owen Thomas

“Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“Mother Blues” is a killer mystery set against both the background and foreground of motherhood. This story links the past with the future, and a childhood omen to adulthood danger. Mothering can come in many forms. Even if you don’t have a biological mother, there can be maternal forces that shape you, from your past and present. Maybe it’s a grandmother from long ago; or a godmother, aunt, or some other mother “figure” not related by blood. The title is perfect for this story because, much like a blues tune, the tale’s pace feels like it’s infused with an almost hypnotic pulse. … More “Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“Message in a Bullet: A Raymond Mackey Mystery (Book 1)” by Owen Thomas

I also love those old black-and-white TV series from the 1950s that had a narrator; the voice always sounded like he’d smoked eighty packs of cigarettes in one hour as he talked to the viewer about the crime committed, the cold, hard facts of the case, and how they eventually brought the slime responsible for the criminal act to justice. They were so much fun! So when I sat down and started to read this novel, my mind immediately produced that old black-and-white presentation for me to focus on, and I could almost hear the main character of this book, Raymond “Mack” Mackey, talk as he led me through one extremely cool crime. … More “Message in a Bullet: A Raymond Mackey Mystery (Book 1)” by Owen Thomas