“Azabu Getaway” by Michael Pronko

Detective Hiroshi Shimizu swings into action to investigate a series of murders that occur in Tokyo, one, the death of an accomplished executive in one of the fastest-growing wealth management firms in Tokyo, and another murder that is followed by the kidnapping of two girls of an affluent overseas couple. … More “Azabu Getaway” by Michael Pronko

“Tokyo Zangyo” by Michael Pronko

In this latest full-blown thrill-ride, our favorite bringer of justice, Detective Hiroshi, is faced with a crime that focuses on a high-level manager in Japan’s premier media company dead who has been found dead in front of the headquarters’ building. Not taking long to find out what exactly occurred, Detective Hiroshi uncovers the slightly odd fact that the newly deceased manager fell from the roof at the exact same spot as an employee of the company did three years ago – a crime written up as a suicide. But was it? And even if it was, is the manager’s death suicide or was someone actually after the bigwig for some reason? … More “Tokyo Zangyo” by Michael Pronko

“The Moving Blade” by Michael Pronko

THE MOVING BLADE Michael Pronko Raked Gravel Press (2018) ISBN 9781942410157 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/18) “The Moving Blade” is an intriguing murder mystery and the second book in the Detective Hiroshi series by Michael Pronko. Jamie Mattson planned a reunion with her father Bernard Mattson in Japan, where he was an American diplomat. … More “The Moving Blade” by Michael Pronko