“Scarlet at Crystal River” by Randy Overbeck

One thing that is particularly special about Overbeck’s books is that they unabashedly tackle social issues within their plots. Already having discussed racism and human trafficking in his first two Henshaw books, “Scarlet at Crystal River” once again forces readers to confront a particularly pervasive and dangerous social issue. This book, in particular, touches upon the dangers of racism and xenophobia, as well as emphasize the often-ignored plights of the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who are the reason we are able to have such a variety of fruits, vegetables and other resources in our daily lives. … More “Scarlet at Crystal River” by Randy Overbeck

“Blood on the Chesapeake” by Randy Overbeck

BLOOD ON THE CHESAPEAKERandy OverbeckThe Wild Rose Press (2019)ISBN 9781509223282Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (9/19) “Blood on the Chesapeake” is the first story in The Haunted Shores Mysteries by Randy Overbeck. Darrell Henshaw, a high school teacher, is newly hired by Wilshire High School. This school is a little different though, as … More “Blood on the Chesapeake” by Randy Overbeck