“Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato

“Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato takes us inside the lives of Allie, Natia, and Rihanna. Although the three women come from very different backgrounds, now in the amazing city of New York, they have found each other for friendship and support. We follow the three in their daily lives, which are full of challenging careers and boyfriends that are, on a good day, a bit difficult. … More “Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato

“Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato

“Somebody’s Watching You” is a highly engaging, gripping fictional thriller that follows the lives of Melody, a married woman who works as a designer, and her husband Jeff. Jeff falls into depression, something that is difficult for Melody to deal with. She engages a therapist to help her navigate through her new life of living with Jeff. Soon after, Jeff joins a cult-like church that begins indoctrinating him. … More “Somebody’s Watching You” by Robin D’Amato