“Seeking Tranquility” by Amy Schisler

“Seeking Tranquility” is the story of hope in the face of adversity, of finding rare minerals amid commonality, of good versus evil. Christy and Molly are sisters, learning how to navigate life now that their parents passed unexpectedly. Christy is an attractive and attentive twenty-four-year-old who had her whole life to live but chose the only option she knew – to end everything and take care of her preteen sister, Molly. The two moved from the D.C. area to an island where their parents had a home; Christy is living reminiscent of a single mom – working two jobs and having zero down time for herself. Molly, on the other hand, makes life more interesting, and at times stressful, when her above-average intellectual abilities comes to light. … More “Seeking Tranquility” by Amy Schisler