“The Hum” by Sharon Mikeworth

THE HUM Sharon Mikeworth River Nation Publishing (2016) ISBN 9780692734636 Reviewed by Ben Green for Reader Views (10/16) “The Hum” by Sharon Mikeworth is an excellent horror/thriller that takes a very simple phenomenon known as the Hum and turns it into a terrifying entry point for an out-of- this-world thriller. The simplicity of the initial problems, … More “The Hum” by Sharon Mikeworth

“A Patch of Blue” by Sharon Mikeworth

A PATCH OF BLUE Sharon Mikeworth Sharon Mikeworth (2014) ISBN 9780615996554 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/15) In “A Patch of Blue” by Sharon Mikeworth, devoted homemaker and mom Carrie Sinclair catches her husband cheating, and is devastated. Deciding to secretly take off on an exotic vacation while her sons are away, she … More “A Patch of Blue” by Sharon Mikeworth