“Stone Heart” by Susan K. Hamilton

Most of us have them: the one that “got away.” The former flame we think about and wonder what if… For legendary rock star Lauren Stone, that ex is Danny Padovano, the one person who loved her before she was a star. Her high school sweetheart and soul mate. The one who just crossed her path through a series of unforeseen events. The one who just admitted he never got over her. Is it getting hot in here?? … More “Stone Heart” by Susan K. Hamilton

“The Devil Inside” by Susan K. Hamilton

Forget the cute little angel and devil on your shoulder. Instead, imagine the angel and devil lusting for one another with a flaming desire that dances off the page. In “The Devil Inside” Author Susan K. Hamilton crafts a full working organization of angels and devils and the roles they play in our lives in this unforgettable, otherworldly romance. … More “The Devil Inside” by Susan K. Hamilton

“Shadow King” by Susan K. Hamilton

SHADOW KING Susan K. Hamilton Quill Publishing (2018) ISBN 9781947848986 Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (12/18) “Shadow King” by Susan K. Hamilton is a captivating, fantasy tale readers will have a hard time putting down! An evil spell explodes, resulting in the destruction of the Faerie realm. The surviving Fae escaped to the … More “Shadow King” by Susan K. Hamilton