“Èkleipsis: The Abyss” by Tamel Wino

“Èkleipsis: The Abyss” is a book of short stories, each tale beginning with just one mysterious picture, anchoring the reader to the page as they seemingly piece together the odd photo, watching for it within the read, and waiting for the shoe to drop, in this book of horrors. … More “Èkleipsis: The Abyss” by Tamel Wino

“Ekleipsis” by Tamel Wino

“Ekleipsis” is a collection of five short stories by Tamel Wino that all have one thing in common: Each story explores a character that has met their downfall. Sometimes it’s the narrator, other times it’s the antagonist or a side character. Each story is as dark and gruesome as the description sounds, and “Ekleipsis” will leave the audience eager to see more from Tamel Wino. … More “Ekleipsis” by Tamel Wino