The Apparition by Taylor Nash

The Apparition Taylor Nash Booklocker (2011) ISBN 9781609101640 Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (8/11)   Abbey Carron has moved to a small Midwestern town to start a new life.  She is leaving behind the sadness she has from her ex-husband’s attempt at poisoning her to prevent the birth their unborn child.  This event... Continue Reading →

Uncharted Depths by Taylor Nash

Uncharted Depths Taylor Nash Ida Kay Productions (2008) ISBN 978160155246 Reviewed by Nicole Bonia for Reader Views (9/08)   In “Uncharted Depths,” Trisha Reilly has returned to the small town where she was raised by the parents of her friends Jennifer and Braden after her family dies in a fire. Ostensibly, Trisha has come back... Continue Reading →

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