“The Trump Diaries 2024” by Barry Robbins

“The Trump Diaries 2024,” is the fourth book in the Oh Daddy Chronicles series by author Barry Robbins.

 The diary was found in the ashes after Mar Lago burned down and The Donald disappeared. Taking place in the future, it contains over eighty satirical diary entries that cover from January 1, 2024, to November 1, 2024. It is mostly written by a woke translator who is also referred to as “The Chronicler-in-Chief.” He translates Trump’s writings into a more easily readable format. The Donald had to cover for him on a couple of days where he had to miss work due to illness. Much has changed between now and these events in the future. Melania and Ivanka have left to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Melania is also the head housekeeper for Pelosi. Little Barron Trump never makes an appearance. Putin is doing time breaking rocks in prison. Pete Buttigieg makes a few appearances, as does DeSantis, Sanders, Conway, Thomas, and Psaki. Other entertaining topics covered include smoothies, box sixteen of the fifteen boxes of missing documents, plumbing issues at Mar a Lago, and Trump’s harmonic lessons. … More “The Trump Diaries 2024” by Barry Robbins