“Cause For Elimination” by Marla A. White

“Cause For Elimination” is a murder mystery with a touch of romance based in the distinguished world of competitive horse show jumping. Equestrian Emily Conners arrives at the barn early one morning to discover renowned horse trainer Pamela Yates in a stall with her head bashed in. After some investigation by Detective Justin Butler, it is determined this was not a horse related accident but a gruesome murder. With a long list of motives and possible suspects Detective Butler and Ms. Conners set out to unravel the dark secrets and dirty deals behind Ms. Yates’ murder. … More “Cause For Elimination” by Marla A. White

“Death by Sample Size” by Susie Black

Author Susie Black uses her expertise and industry experience as an executive in apparel sales to craft a hilarious and wild adventure through the California Apparel Mart. Holly Schlivnik makes for a loveably relatable DIY private investigator as she is determined to get to the bottom of Bunny Frank’s death, which is wracking the Apparel Mart vendors. … More “Death by Sample Size” by Susie Black

“Merry Little Wishing Spritz (Christmas Cookies)” by Cherie Colyer

In “Merry Little Wishing Spritz,” Cassie Moore doesn’t know what’s going to come of her crazy situation. You see, Cassie and her best friend, Peyton, are modern-day witches. Peyton has a dream foretelling that Cassie’s life will be turned upside down in which she’ll not only lose her job she loves at Lakeside Books, but also her apartment that her friend and boss, Bea, allows Cassie to stay in above the bookstore. … More “Merry Little Wishing Spritz (Christmas Cookies)” by Cherie Colyer