“Through Her Eyes” by Elisheba Fraiser

“Through Her Eyes” is a tragic tale of woe by Elisheba Frasier.

Melissa. Lish. Sammy. Three people caught up in a tangle of emotions that no one can unwind. Melissa is a young teen who is dealing with major depression and severe anxiety. Lish, her mother, is lost as to how to help her daughter. Sammy, her father, is a narcissistic jerk who does nothing but tear her down. I loved the character of Melissa, and I did resonate with her feelings about things and people. I did feel a bit sorry for Lish, because she’s doing her best, but it’s never enough. As far as Sammy goes, I felt absolutely nothing for him. He was much like my own father. As friends come and go in Melissa’s life, she learns more about herself and her mental health. This isn’t always a good thing. Her school is a misery; her home life is a disaster, at least in her eyes. … More “Through Her Eyes” by Elisheba Fraiser