“Breach of Honor” by Janice Cantore

An intense thriller with a look at the corruption and code of honor inside law enforcement. Leah Radcliff is a hardworking police officer in small town, Table Rock, Oregon. On the outside, it appears she has it all: good job, loving husband. But all is not what it seems. In reality, Leah is living with an abusive husband, a fellow officer, a local hero. Eventually, the abuse gets so bad that Leah has no choice but to kill her husband. This devastating event divides a town in half. Most of the town feels that Brad could do no wrong, and that Leah killed him in his sleep. This leads to Leah spending time in jail while the truth about how corrupt the town truly is comes to light. Can Leah survive prison? Will Table Rock stay corrupt? … More “Breach of Honor” by Janice Cantore

“If It Rains” by Jennifer L. Wright

“If It Rains” is the story of two sisters, Melissa and Kathryn, whose bond is unbreakable. Melissa and Kathryn have been living in Oklahoma with their Pa during the time of the Dust Bowl. Melissa marries Henry Mayfield and moves from a dugout home to a grand house with walls that are sealed from the dust. Kathryn is still young and lives with a clubfoot, guilt over the death of her mother, and anger toward her stepmother Helen. … More “If It Rains” by Jennifer L. Wright

“It’s All Under Control” by Jennifer Dukes Lee

IT’S ALL UNDER CONTROL Jennifer Dukes Lee Tyndale House Publishers (2018) ISBN 9781496430472 Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (8/18) In her new book, “It’s All Under Control,” Jennifer Dukes Lee addresses the issue of control – why we crave it and how we can let it go. The book’s intention is to show … More “It’s All Under Control” by Jennifer Dukes Lee