“Those Darn Stripes” by Tyrel Nelson

“Those Darn Stripes” is a collection of over twenty-five stories pertaining to the life of a young author. It is a personal view into the mind, heart and soul of a young man, under forty, experiencing the ups-and-downs of life, as well as the unfortunate curves and unfair twists of joy and sadness that fate likes to throw in everyone’s path. … More “Those Darn Stripes” by Tyrel Nelson

“Stories from Ecuador” by Tyrel Nelson

First off, I don’t know the wanderer personally who wrote this book, but I want to thank him for the slew of pictures that showed some of the most beautiful locales, memorable locals, and cool wilderness/nature scenes that he got to explore and meet along the year-long journey he took. These first-hand accounts make even the most basic sight—such as escorting a backpack-laden mule up a mountain—truly remarkable. … More “Stories from Ecuador” by Tyrel Nelson