MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Jo-Ann Vega, Author of Wolf Woman & Other Poems

Jo-Ann Vega is a published author and dynamic speaker with 30 years of experience designing, presenting, and evaluating learning programs for academic, business, and community groups. She has twenty years of experience as an adjunct, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on management and leadership.
She has 10 years of experience delivering ancestry and history programs as part of a University Lifelong Learning Institute and to community members. She incorporated what she learned about history and the Italian character into her memoir. She inaugurated a Celebrating Italian Americans Series program at a local library two years ago.

Recent publications include Wolf Woman & Other Poems [2022]; Moments in Flight: A Memoir [2021]. Lifewriting essays, Serendipity, and Empathy in the Time of Covid [Volume 21 and Volume 22 of Story Circle Network’s Annual Real Women Write Anthology, 2021-2022]. Several poems published: Musings, Then & Now, Awaken, and In Remembrance. Awaken, a poem, is scheduled to appear in Wild Librarian Press’ Anthology [2023].

Jo-Ann Vega lives with her life partner and canine companion. … More MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Jo-Ann Vega, Author of Wolf Woman & Other Poems

“Wolf Woman & Other Poems” by Jo-Ann Vega

A good poet is able to take the ordinary from everyday life and turn it into something we get to see in a brand new way. That is exactly what Jo-Ann Vega does in her book, Wolf Woman & Other Poems. It’s a small collection of poems that span fifty years of the poet’s life, so rich, beautiful and provocative that it is as though you know the poet well by the time you get to the end of the book. She shares memorable points of her life in this book – death, love, separation, etc. – and the reader is treated to verse that captures the beauty, ugliness, disparity and ultimate glimpses of hope through beautiful verse. … More “Wolf Woman & Other Poems” by Jo-Ann Vega